Top 12 Audio Editing Apps For Android And iOS


Initially, Audio editing is something which needs a lot more time and desktop and expertise skills. But what about people who want a mobile-friendly app to edit audios and voices on the go. However, as today there is a wide range of mobile audio editing apps that lets you edit songs and audios with advanced features. So it’s becoming harder to find the one which is best for you.

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So in this post, we will discuss the best audio editing apps that have the same features as desktop apps but are easy to use. There is a list of 12 best audio editing apps for Android and iOS platforms. With these apps, you can cut, copy and merge different tracks.

So without wasting more time, let’s have a look at the apps that are listed below.

Audio Editing Apps

Top 12 Audio Editing Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Music Maker JAM

    Music Maker JAMIn all the free audio editing app music maker JAM ranked on the top of all. This highly sorted app is available on iOS and android both. Beginners and even great musicians spend long hours in studios for recording, through this karaoke app they can save some of their precious time.

    This is the major reason why so many people shifted them to audio editor apps for more convenient auditing. This app has portable tools so that you can easily edit any genre of music such as hip hop, pop and rock. Also, you can produce your music by just shaking your mobile device.

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  2. WavePad

    WavePadOne better option for editing audio on your smartphone. WavePad is available on both android and iOS. It comes with all the must-have features you need while editing. With its easy and smooth multiple track editing, you can open many tracks at the same time.

    What I like the most is, it allows customization of the home view. Here you can edit videos by copy, cut, paste, insert, and trim tools. You can also use audio effects such as noise reduction, echo and amplify.

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  3. MP3 Cutter

    MP3 CutterPeople who love to create their ringtone or make some sound as their ringtone then MP3 cutter is the best for you. As its name suggests it helps you to cut out any track or audio without any hassle on your Android or iOs device.

    You can cut any part of music to make it as your ringtone. Along with that, MP3 cutter offers you various audio editing tools so that you can seamlessly create a ringtone. The best part is if you forgot to save the editing it will be automatically saved in your memory card. Another thing to notice is there are no limits on editing the ringtones.

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  4. edjing Mix

    edjing MixIn the past, this app was only available for iOS users, and there is no doubt about its popularity among the audio editors. However, now this software app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can use this app as a DJ app, it allows you to remix songs and makes new ones on your smartphone easily.

    After mixing songs you can share it directly on your social media, also you can save your sounds within the app. Great app For a beginner who is looking for learning how to mix songs. Its library analysis feature allows you to save the BPM of any sound on your phone.

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  5. Lexis Audio Editor

    Lexis Audio EditorA best audio editing option for all the Android users. Lexis audio editor has quick features to edit audio on the go, which makes it a great platform for editing recordings with amazing auditor tools. The best part is where you can save your edited audios in any formats such as M4A, WAV and many more. As other apps in this list lexis also have cut, copy and paste features.

    Also, make sure that you have sufficient memory in your phone or insert a memory card for saving your edited audios for a long time. However, you can also record videos directly through this app.

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  6. Drum pads 24

    Drum Pads 24If you really love hip hop and rap music genres then drum pads will be the perfect app for you. It can be used as a rapper soundboard app along with high quality sounds. Plus there are many ready to use sound tracks available. With this great dj app you can speed up your finger on the keyboard.

    Or if you are a beginner then you can watch various video tutorials. It will help you to sharpen your music editing skills with a step by step guide. Moreover, there is a pad editor which allows you to create your personalized sound collection. You can grow your fan base by sharing your music editing.

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  7. Super Sound

    Super SoundIts rating is enough to describe how good this audio editing apps is for editing. It has around 4.8 stars on play store, also it is available on Android devices only. Along with that, it lets you make your editing on a professional level through its advanced features and tools. The super sound makes it easier to copy, cut any sound, merge tracks and change their voice also.

    Moreover, you can edit tracks with this app before adding sounds in videos. You can use it For creating ringtones, create a great mix track by playing various audios. You can make slower or faster speed audios with this app.

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  8. Edity

    EdityNext is Edity, this audio editing app is free and you can download it on your iOS. However, you have to buy a few premium features from the paid version of this app. You can select any plans as per the suitable charges. You can also use it as rap apps to edit your rap and make amazing raps.

    It comes with a comprehensive interface and you can easily use it. There are all the advanced tools and features that are important in professional-level editing. There is an audio recorder within the app and you can directly share and upload audios from the app.

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  9. AudioLab

    AudioLabIf you are looking for some tough editing the Audiolab can be your best choice. It helps you in complicated audio editing procedures. Beyond cutting and trimming the audio it also creates a ringtone of any track. Voice fading or changing of voice are some of its advanced features. By using special effects you can create professional audios.

    You can use its built-in recorder to record voice rather than using your standard voice recorder. This feature can save your time also because when you record audio within the app you can easily start editing it.

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  10. Recorder Plus

    Recorder PlusThis app not only allows you to record voice and audio tracks but also here you can edit sounds. Recorder Plus is a fun app that allows you to easily record and edit audios. Moreover, for other premium features and tools, there are in-app purchases available at a reliable price.

    If you have this on your phone then you don’t need any other audio editing app on your phone. However, one more thing is it offers few advanced features such as it automatically pauses recording when there is no sound. After completing your audio editing you can simply save it or share it within the app.

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  11. EZAudioCut

    EZAudioCutIf you are looking for a high-quality audio recorder then EZAudio cut is best for you. So now you can switch for this advanced audio recorder from your in the built standard recorder. It has a user-friendly interface so that you can easily proceed for complicated audio editing. So if you are a beginner or an expert this app is perfect for you. You can also use it as dancing apps to create amazing music on your smartphone.

    Merge different sound files, audio sections or cut the audio track with this app. For more accurate editing there are undo and redo options. The best thing is it supports various audio formats that include wav, AIFF,mov, aac,mp2,mp3, m4a and mp4.

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  12. Audio Editor Tool

    Audio Editor ToolAnother great audio editing tool which is previously available on desktop only. But luckily now you can use this excellent audio editing app on your Android or iOS device. For creating different soundtracks or mixing them this app has all the features.

    Even you can record any sounds it can be a bird sound also. What’s more, it has a build in the sound converter which lets you convert any track within this app. With this app, you can convert any video in audio format, cut any part of songs for making ringtone and many more.

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Hope this list helped you to find the perfect app for editing sounds, tracks and merging different voices. They are best if you are trying to learn audio editing. You can create a ringtone of any music you like, or you can mix various sounds to make a remix.


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