12 Augmented Reality Games For Android & iOS


Amendment reality games are becoming more popular With new inventions in the gaming industry. The new features and game graphics play a vital role in its popularity. Augmented reality games gives you a life to life battles zone experience, with real-time interaction, realistic character and looks and several weapons and tools to achieve new levels and kill enemies.

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Below is the list of top 12 augmented reality gaming apps for both Android and iOS devices. These games are listed after a great resource each and some of them are my personally used ones.

best Augmented Reality Games

Top 12 Augmented Reality Games For iOS & Android

  1. Neyon Clash

    Neyon ClashReaktor Berlin which is a team of developers aims to provide mobile games. They are behind this most popular app called neyon clash. This one is the latest as well as a highly featured multiplayer game. Here you can experience both social and physical activity. However, in the gameplay mode, you will get real-life experiences that are visible for all the other participants. In this mode, you have to tag your opponents and catch their area.

    In the very beginning, you will get a choice between creating a map or direct play the game with your buddies. Have a look at some of the game modes that include combination( conquer the strategic areas by collecting points), the last man standing( a classic game), king of items( offers powerful king item) and many more.

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  2. Pokemon GO

    Pokémon GOOne of the most popular games which take augmented reality games to another level. This legendary game is made by Niantic who won the hearts of millions of gaming lovers. Pokemon Go holds several Guinness records because of the nostalgia of its lovers.

    Let’s talk about the gameplay of Pokemon GO, it is an adventure survival game app for mobile users. It offers a battlefield around you. Since 2016 this game has been offering millions or even billions of Pokemon for your gaming. Recently they added few new features like Pokedex tournaments, league, raid battles and social networking.

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  3. Jurassic World Alive

    Jurassic World AliveGet rid of the Pokémon Go addiction with this another addictive augmented reality games. If you are a person who loved to play games with prehistoric wild creatures then go for it. The gameplay is you need to explore the spots surrounding you located on a map and then stumble upon Pteranodons, mammoths and velociraptors.

    You can create your raptor by collecting more and more items. You can also share your achievement with your friends. For more comprehensive features you can switch for VIP membership and in-app purchases. However, make sure that this game will affect your device battery if you constantly use GPS.

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  4. Ingress Prime

    Ingress PrimeIn this game, you will find two factions in one MMO world, resistance and enlightened. Both of them place battles to achieve dark energy. You can choose any side to secure as well as locate the energy source. It will be done within the portals across the designated city to achieve the faction war. Here you will get strategic options, weapons, codes, clues from the ever-changing narrative menu.

    With this highly specialised gaming app, you can interact with other players, use the intelligence map to communicate and form teams.

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  5. Egg, Inc

    Egg, IncLooking for a simulator game? Here you go, Egg, Inc. Offers you a game where you have a small chicken farm in your living room. Overall, the gameplay is more eggs, more chicken, more sales with more hatch rooms. After some time your space will be full of eggs. You can also use it as logic game app and add some logic to clear level.

    Soon when you achieve more levels you can grow a farm, you will go on missions and earn build materials. Normally the progress is free but if you want a faster upgrade then you can buy new items. For more interaction, there is background music. Golden eggs in this gameplay the role of currency, however, this game is quite addictive.

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  6. Guns Royale

    Guns RoyaleA great option if you are looking for a battle royale game. There are 16 players in this game, they are fighting for their survival with each other. One who wins the fight will become victorious.

    You have to fight with others in an online arena which is Minecraft style. To find better armour, guns and a backpack you have to search the surrounding area. With these weapons, you can improve your fighting capabilities. You can use its AR mode to play this game in your living room for a realistic experience

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  7. Angry Birds AR

    Angry Birds ARWant to confuse people by playing an angry birds game on a physical surface? How about converting the bird game into piggies? Unlike angry birds, this game is all about popping little piggies. This AR adventure game offers 70 levels, Pass the different levels across pigsty buildings. also fit the piggies into odd surroundings. Now attack them with a slingshot.

    You can change the screen size or adjust it as per your convenience. Take shots with just a tap. The most favourite thing about this no wifi game is that it is a funny and pleasant game and anyone can play it.

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  8. Brickscape

    BrickscapeIt is not a 3D modelling augmented reality games rather you can use it as a 3D puzzle app. This addictive app wakes up and recharges your brain. Here you have to move bricks which will help you to take out the main brick. You have to follow an elongated direction for moving out core brick. There are 14 various themes with over 700 brain-teasing stages. Anyone can play this easy brain game app.

    What’s more? You can choose from 5 different difficulty levels from easy to master. Use a daily puzzle mode to compete with others. The unique design of each block and sound made the game more interactive. If there is trouble in solving a puzzle you can ask for hints also.

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  9. The Machines

    The MachinesThe machines are RTS games which mean real-time strategy game. With this huniepop alternative apps, you can create a gruelling battlefield by converting the flat surface with this game. There are champions in this game, you have to command them so that they will move across the map and fight against the enemies.

    In the initial level, you have to play in a single-player mode after completing 3 levels you can play in a multiplayer mode. Here you have to protect your bases and heal damage. You select the best champion to defeat the component using the right abilities.

    Do you know? The machine game was the first apple multiplayer AR game.

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  10. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterYou will play this game as a recruit of an important status of a secrecy task team. This force is investigating the magical items, memories and beings and more that are fundable. Here you will complete your mission in a muggle world. Your main mission is to avoid calamity.

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game comes with various iconic places, you can travel here by using a knight bus. These places are offered from the franchise. You can experience a 360 degrees AR gaming and encounter trances of magic. In your journey, you will get power from the potions, inns and portraits along with popular characters.

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  11. The Walking Dead

    The Walking DeadIf you are looking for a mobile game that offers zombie apocalypse series then the walking Dead is out there. Here you will find colourful creatures. You can defend neighbourhoods and help other survivors. Also, you have to fight with walkers that are creeping up.

    There are rescue missions in which you have to collect supplies, weapons and other valuable items. It is fun app where you can team up with other players by using an in-game chat feature. The Walking Dead also has a page on Facebook so that you can track the new updates of this game.

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  12. Father.io

    Father ioLast in my list father.io game which offers next-level AR mobile gaming experience. However, it is a first-person shooter and a multiple battle game. To play this game you need a special AR device named inceptor. This device allows all phones for AR capability.

    For battles, there are 4 different types of weapons available including sniper rifle, assault rifle, handgun and submachine gun. You can choose any gun as per its accuracy, damage potential and shooting range. Also it offer you indoor and outdoor available also.

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Hope this post helps you to find your best-augmented reality games for iOS and Android. All of them are popular and have amazing graphics and realistic characters to give you the best real-time experience.


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