Best 12 Boxing Apps For Android & iOS


Sports are an essential part of our life, you will find crazy fans from different across the world. Boxing is also one of the oldest as well as engaging sports in the world. It has pains, anger and endurance which makes people more connected with it. It can be not easy to find best boxing coach at your place for most of the people. If you are also unable to find best boxing coach then you can check this article to get best boxing apps for android and iOS device.

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To feel the same excitement you don’t need to become a boxer you can experience a similar joy in your smartphone with the boxing apps. But how will you find the exact app which fills your demands? No worry, this post will help you to find the best app for android and iOS.

So without wasting time lets begin with the first best boxing app in my list.

best Boxing Apps

Top 12 Boxing Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Nike Training Club

    Nike Training ClubStarting my list with this app introduced by a well-known brand. This app is made with the participation of athletes and true professionals across the world which also includes boxers.

    As this app provides you recommend as per your previous search so that you will get strength training MMA, kickboxing and other boxing stuff in your recommendations.

    However, this app is made for people who would like to monitor their day to day training by themselves without putting in much effort.

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  2. Boxing Training

    Boxing TrainingNext in my list, boxing training which is a very cool app that offers a variety of training so that you can choose as per your requirement. There are various training options to choose such as offensive combinations, defense, punching, footwork, mitt drills, bag drills and many others.

    What more? This training app offers its DJs set so that you don’t need to use another app or anything to stream motivating music while boxing. For each exercise session, there is a separate audio and video guide

    another great thing is you can watch training videos even without internet. however if you want a wide collection of exercise and other great features you have to buy a premium subscription of this app.

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  3. Mayweather Boxing

    Mayweather BoxingYou can’t judge this app unless you try it. Its effects are amazing and you will feel them immediately. There are top boxing and fitness experts behind the development of this fitness app.

    Here you will get earning points which is a great feature to attract users. In addition to this, there are levels where each level approaches you to a better sports body. In short, this app will train you, offer your simple exercises which in turn promotes a healthier body. The best is everything that will be done under the experts and like-minded mentors.

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  4. PunchLab

    PunchLabLooking for a personal coach for boxing? PunchLab app is a package of powerful tools and it will act as your sparring partner. If you want to learn new movements and combinations then give a shot to this fun app.

    PunchLab app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The distinctive part of this app is it offers you over 100 thousand techniques and boxing combinations.

    You can switch for training mode if you want to learn exercises in any category of fitness.

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  5. Boxx

    BoxxGet your online coach with this boxing app. It is a workout streaming application along with brilliant online coaches for different types of training. Along with this app offers you a training sheet which helps you to keep your eye on the training results and the status to achieve your desired results.

    Beyond the boxing training, this app is a better platform if you want to learn fitness training. With the help of Boxx application, you will experience both short and long sessions and intervals exercises. Every day you can learn new and new programs.

    However, you have to buy a subscription to get professional training here. This will allow you to watch high-quality video on fitness and boxing even without having an Internet connection.

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  6. Precision Boxing Coach

    Precision Boxing CoachIf you are a true boxing fan and you love to experience the same kind of training then you can go ahead with a precision boxing coach on your mobile. It will offer you high-level training which you can practice on your own. Even you can avoid the voice of the coach behind you while you are practising.

    So this one is an app if you want to learn next level training for boxing. Every session makes your workout level more killer. In no time it will make your understanding higher and your skills become more advanced. So whether you are a beginner boxer or you are preparing to win a match this brain game app is your wise choice.

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  7. Boxing Workout

    Boxing WorkoutGet boxing guidance is a simple and easy way with the boxing workout application. You don’t need to take part in a boxing match to learn boxing. With this all you can keep yourself fit if you are seeking weight loss. This boxing apps has a 30-day program for a full-body workout. This process also lets you build muscles.

    With this boxing workout, you can practise sport in any environment. You should download this app if you want to enjoy boxing, get your cardio stronger. However, this app promotes advertising.

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  8. Fight Score

    Fight ScoreThis app developed by Steven Macleod, with a fighting score you can easily note down your boxing and MMA scores. This scorecard app is simple and has multiple features.

    There is an average boxing scorecard so that you can view scores of any major fights. Even you can view statistics of any upcoming fights, by using opinions and polls you can predict any upcoming fights. Along with that, there are boxing scorecards for recent fights also. There is a social media integration feature that allows you to share scores with others across the world.

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    PUMATRACMaybe it is not as popular as Nike training app in some ways but it has the overall same interface. PUMA which is a popular sports brand offers this app for its fans who would love to learn sports. There are training and various workout videos available. There are over 120 workout sessions for different training including boxing also.

    You can also include cardio workouts to improve your boxing exercises. After each training, this app makes a record so that you can track your improvement and schedule your training also. Plus, there are training videos that feature world-famous sports stars which is a bonus for sports fans.

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  10. Boxing schedule

    Boxing scheduleA true fan knows how important it is to get news and highlights about the upcoming boxing match. However, sometimes it’s time-consuming also. Because you need to spend time to get the data on the web regarding sports events. This is where the boxing schedule takes all your attention. It is a must-have app if you are a boxing follower.

    This yoga app is not only about providing information about boxing events but also this is the best place for people who like to learn boxing or wannabe boxers in future. It will help you learn boxing skills as well as technique without any assistance.

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  11. Boxing 4U

    Boxing 4UEvery sport has its techniques and rules like other boxing also have rules. And it’s not necessary to be a professional boxer to learn rules and technique. Anyone can learn them to improve their understanding of the sport.

    For this purpose, Boxing 4U is on my list. It will help you to learn various boxing techniques and enhance your basic knowledge. The best part is you can try these techniques on your own after learning it. You can learn boxing techniques such as footwork, uppercut, blocking, ducking and many more using this boxing apps. Everything is also demonstrated in the form of images and videos to make your training easier.

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  12. Dodge Boxing

    Dodge BoxingHere is another boxing apps for free, it is available on iOS and Android both platforms. Alejandro Gutierrez has developed this app beautifully. Anyone can learn about boxing no matter your gender, age or fitness levels.

    You can add this app to your daily training because it has a boxing timer so that you can never miss your exercises.

    Along with this, you can use this app as a stretching app if you want to stretch your body. Because it offers more than 50 stretches in its library. What I like about this app is here you can create according to your taste and level. Moreover, you will also get 100 different combinations of audio punch with inspirational audio quotes.

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