Top 10 Cad Drawing Apps For Android And iOS


Cad apps for Android and iOS are among the most useful applications as these apps allow you to create unlimited drawings and utilize various tools to make your drawings more amazing. You can also save your files in different file formats.

I used the majority of the apps and found them to be useful. As an example, I can switch between 2d and 3d visual modes. I can also communicate with my teams and collaborate with them. Everything is so simple that I can delegate my work to my coworkers and provide them with projects.

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You can, however, use any of the apps. Get the app from the app store and make the most use of it. However, it also provides some membership options that you can choose and after buying its subscription you can access its premium features.

Cad Apps

Top 10 Cad Drawing Apps For Android And iOS

  1. DWG FastView

    DWG FastView-CAD Viewer&Editor

    DWG fast view is the platform of CAD software where you can have different designs. This app is completely compatible with users who love to make drawings.  It has features such as viewing, measuring, editing, finding the text, etc. As it allows you to do real work in CAD  and can experience the best through your mobile.

    You can use advanced tools in making your design. It does not require any registration you can access the app offline as well. Although you can share your drawing with anyone in any format such as png, jpg, or pdf. It also provides you an option to transform the 2d visual mode into 3d visual mode.

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  2. GnaCAD


    GnaCad is an amazing cad app where it will open any size of files for you, without any limitations. As it supports large drawings with an effective memory. You can open any of the drawings through any device. You can use the app offline as well and you have to do registrations for drawing purposes.

    If the drawing is stored on your google drive you will also get an option to comments and reply. It would support layouts, view reports, or other external references. Moreover, you can use visual styles, can install different fonts or other shapefiles. In this app, different font styles are available where you can use them in your drawings. You can also use calligraphy apps to get more fonts formats. Its main goal is to make the cad system full-fledged.

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  3. A360

    A360 - View CAD files

    A360 is the best app designed for engineers, architects and it will collaborate with 2d or 3d models. This app will allow you to open the files, and you can have a view of any of the files. Also, it doesn’t matter which software you use.

    You can easily upload or view your files from different platforms such as email, local storage, Dropbox, and many more. It has touched-based navigation such as zoom, orbit and you can rotate the 3d model as well. From anywhere you can easily trace your projects both online and offline as well. However, access the app offline as well such as storing your file, and could edit or view any of your files.

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  4. AutoCAD


    AutoCAD is one of the wonderful apps where you can have a view and can edit your drawing using advanced tools. Through your mobile devices, you can edit, view, or share your drawing with anyone, anywhere. Firstly you can go for a trial and access its amazing tools for making your drawing better.

    You can also import values from Leica DISTO and create anything related to your CAD drawing. As you can use an object map or keypad input for editing or creating your shapes. Although all types of best features are available and you can customize your app at your preference. It has a subscription part also you can go for it to access its premium features.

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  5. Glovius

    Glovius - 3D CAD File Viewer

    Glovius is a simple app as you can access it easily and can collaborate or view 3d cad formats. You can upload formats directly from your phone or tablet. It also allows you to collect bigger parts and can assemble them in windows.

    It will support 3d format and you can also analyze CAD components as well. Although download any of the pdf reports, bill of materials, and other higher-quality formats. Here you can collaborate with your team and can share your snapshot through email.

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  6. Onshape 3D CAD

    Onshape 3D CAD

    Onshape is the utmost beneficial cad apps that are mainly used by professionals and can extend the teams as well. You can edit, create, or can collaborate your file in real-time.  As you can sign up for the account for free and it does not require any internet connection.

    You can use parametric tools to make the design parts together. As you can easily share your CAD data with your team and can work with your colleagues in actual time. However, through this app, you can manage your all data precisely. Discover unique multiple designs and can take approval from the professional of your designs.

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  7. biiCADo Touch Pro

    biiCADo Touch Pro for mobiles

    This app is fascinating cad apps especially for professionals and other new users as well. Its tools are so efficient and fast that you can create a technical design in DFX formats. You can make 2d CAD drawings using this app. Through emails, you can export or import your files smoothly.

    It also supports dropbox for securing your files. Although it supports geometry elements, select different dimensions, customize your design using editing tools, hatch, and fonts for making drawing bewildering. All tools are available for making the drawing attractive. Make the presentation attractive using different and treated features.

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  8. CAD Pocket

    CAD Pockets - Mobile CAD 

    CAD pocket is the greatest cad apps that help you with collaboration. As your team and you can access CAD pockets for specific purposes such as for the view, edit, and easily can communicate to your team. So here you can enhance your working efficiency and there is no need to draw on the paper.

    It includes editing tools such as erasing, rotating, moving in any direction, and can use drawing tools to give it any shape such as circle, square, or any other. It has measurement tools where you can dimension the different objects such as angular or arc length dimensions. You can change the background or can change the mode into 2d or 3d.

    However, you can export your files easily to pdf, jpg, or png. All types of modeling, color, or layering tools are there to give a better look to your drawings. Moreover, you can do chats with your team and can assign tasks to them or remind your colleagues of specific tasks.

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  9. PDF to AutoCAD

    PDF to AutoCAD

    Pdf to AutoCAD is the unique and beneficial app that is highly praised and convert pdf to DWG converter. As it mainly works for the drawing that is forming in AutoCAD applications. It is free and can convert your all pdf in an hour.

    It does not set any size to convert your pdf drawing, you can convert it into any size you prefer. All documents are optimized so that you can review them fastly. It is a very easy and fast process and never drains your battery or any other resources. When the conversion is complete it will automatically delete your all data from its server.

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  10. CAD 3D Modeling

    CAD 3D Modeling

    CAD 3d modeling is a fantastic cad apps as here you can do all your work in real and directly from your device. It consists of dozens of 3d models and you can modify 3d models as well. It can also be used as rendering apps to create 3d models on your smartphone. You can also work on a local device for your drawing project offline as well. All your data is persisted to the storage and can exchange the data from different cad systems.

    It is suitable for art design, 3d printing, architectural design, and education. However, it includes different features that will help you in making your drawing more adoring such as you can add text and it also supports both 2d and 3d modeling.

    It has transformation tools such as scale, mirror, or rotate it. All types of editing or layers tools are available to customize your drawings. Moreover, it has a multitouch operator to do orbit or zoom view in a natural method. Along with these it also provides an option to export or import in IGES, BREP cad formats.

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