Top 15 Calligraphy Apps For Android And iOS


Do you wants to learn ancient calligraphy technology? If you really want to learn calligraphy and not able to get where to learn it then visit this article. In this article we are listing top 15 calligraphy apps for android and iOS users. These apps will help you to easily learn how to draw new font styles on your smartphone. As we all know learning calligraphy was not so easy so if we want to learn it then you have to go to a perfect institute. Now it is possible without visiting to any institute for that you have to use calligraphy apps on android or iOS device.

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Nowadays, many people prefer to use calligraphy apps because it helps in learning calligraphy and apart from that, it contains a lot of amazing features such as font colors and font styles. Along with these you will also be able to learn ancient Chinese and Arabic art. In this article I will discuss about 15 best calligraphy apps for android and iOS users. Using these apps you will be a master of calligraphy and easily make beautiful notes, tutorials and others on your smartphone.

Calligraphy Apps For Android And iOS

Top 10 Calligraphy Apps For Android

  1. Calligraphy by Devkrushna Infotech

    Calligraphy by Devkrushna InfotechThis is one of the most stylish calligraphy name applications. You will have access to more than 200 calligraphy font styles which are very fancy and attractive. Not only that, you can also decorate them with the help of love stickers, color brushes, color filters and many others. It will help you in expressing yourself in a more skillful manner. First of all you may take some time in learning the same but with practice it will be easier for you. You can insert pictures from your gallery and set it as the background.

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  2. Calligrapher by Mark Tushkevich

    Calligrapher by Mark TushkevichIt is a simple and beautiful app that enables you to develop calligraphic prints as well as drawings. It has got different types of pencils which different qualities in each of them. You can customize all by yourself the colors and thickness of the line as well as transparency of the tools as per your preference. You can also use the zoom feature if required. This app will enable you to open your own image from your phone’s gallery.

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  3. Calligraphy Name by C4CreativeApps

    Calligraphy Name by C4CreativeAppsIt is just another amazing app which enables its users to create and decorate their name with the use of beautiful texture. You can not only add text but also stickers, symbols, gradients and many others. Another feature of this app is that you can use it as a sketch app and enjoy the features of a photo editor, text art, insta text, etc. This app has got more than 50 different gradient backgrounds and more than a hundred of couple stickers. You can set the font color based on your preference and decorate your images with varieties of backgrounds. You can save it directly to your phone and share it with your friends and family members.

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  4. Calligraphy Name by Jim Britain

    Calligraphy Name by Jim BritainIt is quite a popular app in the Google Play Store. You will get access to more than hand calligraphy fonts and this will help you in writing a stylish name. It provides more than 50 backgrounds and you can also decorate the picture with the help of text symbols. The calligraphy font color and style are customizable and not only that, you can also choose the background color as per your preference.

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  5. Stylograph

    StylographIt is a very good application which enables you to write calligraphy names with the help of different filters and focus applications. It possesses more than 30 calligraphy font styles with the help of which you can create stylish calligraphy names. This app is very easy to use and another amazing feature of this app is that you can select and insert your own photo from the gallery and decorate it using different types of filters and effects such as signature effect, art background and many others. You will get a list of different types of decorative items like love stickers, heart shapes, etc. It is a very good name editor in which you can write the name of your mother, brother, father and share your feelings towards them.

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  6. Calligraphy Font by Apps Specials

    Calligraphy Font by Apps SpecialsIt is an amazing calligraphy apps which is equipped with stickers, effects, color filters, name art and many other features. It will be providing you more than hundred calligraphy font styles and you can decorate them by setting different phone colors. This app has a wide library of beautiful backgrounds and effective gradients. You can also put canvas effects on the background. This app is very good for creating calligraphy text profile picture and sharing it on the social media platforms. You can also choose your own picture from your gallery and set it is the background.

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  7. Calligraphy by Dazzle Developer

    Calligraphy by Dazzle DeveloperIt is yet another good app which contains varieties of styles for creating amazing calligraphy names. It has got more than 50 font styles and varieties of backgrounds and gradients. You can just make your text more and more stylish and save your creativity directly to your SD card. You can even share it with your friends and relatives directly in the social media platforms. It is in fact a very good app for text generation and you can select your colors along with the different calligraphy fonts.

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  8. Calligraphy Name Art

    Calligraphy Name ArtIt is a very good calligraphy app equipped with name art and varieties of color filters. You will get access to a wide library of effects and a lot of editing tools which will enhance your calligraphy name writing experience. It has more than hundred stickers and font styles with the help of which you can decorate these images. Not only that you can also apply text on your text and make it look even more attractive. It provides amazing background and a lot of gradient colors. You can also apply shadow effects on your text to make it even more attractive.

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  9. Arabic Calligraphy Courses

    Arabic Calligraphy CoursesIt is a very good calligraphy app which includes Arabic, Ottoman and Persian calligraphy. It contains about more than hundred Arabic calligraphy designs and along with that you will be having access to the tutorials which makes it easier for you to learn. You will very well enhance the art of calligraphy. You can decorate your name and also set background pictures.

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  10. Smoke Name Art

    Smoke Name ArtIt is a very well-known app available at present which enables its users to write your name with unique artistic style. You can decorate the same with love cards, posters, smoky effect cards, invitation card and it has got various other stunning effects. It contains several font styles and stickers for you to try. It has got more than 35 colorful and smoky backgrounds which make the pictures look even more beautiful.

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Top 5 Calligraphy Apps For iOS

  1. Calligraphy Name Art

    Calligraphy- Name ArtThis is an excellent calligraphy app available in the app store which will enable you to write your name in the most creative manner possible and then share it in the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others. It is one of the most powerful calligraphy apps which will let you to share your emotions and thoughts it a new and creative way by letting you write the letters in different styles. This app has got a user friendly interface and any iOS device users can use this app.

    You do not need to be an expert for that. It has a very wide collection of HD backgrounds and you can set any of them based on your preference. It has got more than a 50 font types and colors which are very stylish and makes the letters look much more attractive. The varieties of gradients it possesses give an awesome appearance to the letter and you can easily alter the text too. You can download it for free from the app store. This app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later versions and you can use it not only on your iPhone but also iPad and iPod touch.

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  2. Calligraphy Name

    Calligraphy NameIf you are looking for an amazing calligraphy app then this app seems to be one of the wisest choices available for you. It provides a very good interface where you can write your own name or share your feelings and thoughts in the most attractive manner. You can share your love and gratitude towards your parents and siblings with the help of unique and creative styles of letter writing. It has got about a hundred amazing backgrounds of high quality which you can use as per your preference and apart from that, you will get the option to choose from more than fifty stylish fonts which makes the letters eye appealing.

    You can even alter a text then you can easily do it so. This app will help you in selecting your signature because you can practice writing your signature at attractive ways on the app itself. You can also add stickers and choose the text color and thereafter, save the picture and share your picture with your friends on the social media platforms. You can download this app for free and to run smoothly it needs iOS version 9.0 or later.

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  3. Calligraphy Penmanship

    Calligraphy PenmanshipIf you are a calligrapher then this app is one of the best options available for you. You can create amazing letters on your mobile phone using this app using pointed pen and you can also draw using your fingers. If you have the Apple pencil then you will be getting the best experience. It will provide you a very good platform to practice penmanship and you can better understand the anatomy of each and every letters along with every single decorative curve. It will give you training interface where you can practice each letter on a full page and it will also give you guide lines and grids for enhancing your letter writing practice and bring it into accuracy.

    You can also make use of the keyboard to type any text and decorate them with different font styles and font colors. It has got varieties of which will help you in creating letters in different styles and share it with others. You can download this app for free but it has in app purchases too. You will be getting free trial for three days once you download and use the app for the first time. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later versions.

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  4. Calligraphy Handbook

    Calligraphy HandbookIt is a very good app where you can practice calligraphy in a faster and more efficient manner. If you are having a bad handwriting then this app will help you a lot it improving it by making you understand the proportion and structure of the letters more appropriately. It will help you in making curves and lines in the right way and you will get to know the beauty of letter writing in a more efficient manner. You will be able to draw lines in amazing manner and it will also enhance your level of inspiration in such artistic skills.

    You will get about 19 calligraphic hands which increase with updates and about 24 pre-set angles of pen. The palm rejection feature will help you write more efficiently and along with that it has got 63 pen offset which you can make use of as and when required. At the initial stage you should practice by drawing slowly and it will also enhance your focus level. You can also get the trace the letters using the shadow feature. This app is compatible on iOS 8.0 or later version.

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  5. Calligraphy Art

    Calligraphy ArtThis income is suitable for anyone who loves the art of calligraphy. You will feel the pen strokes and you can adjust the angle, thickness and also the text colors as per your requirement. It will enable you to create and develop attractive letters on the paper with great ease and smoothness. It will guide you in each and every page so that you get to know the best techniques to draw eye catching letters that will suit in any kind of documents. The paper size is long enough and it has around 21 western hands. Not only this, you will also access to about 3 Chinese writing skills.

    You will have an option to select any one of the 9 pen sizes available and along with that it has got a total of 16 ink pens and about 4 brushes for you. You can also use the zoom feature. The eraser will help you in erasing any particular portion of the letter which you want to change. It possesses around 12 background styles and the color palette will provide you varieties of options to choose the text color. You can also import any photo from your gallery as texture.

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So, these were 15 best calligraphy apps available for android and iOS. You can use these apps for creating and decorating documents, invitations, posters, menus, greeting cards, business cards and many other purposes.


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