Best 10 Duolingo Alternatives Apps For Android And iOS


The majority of the finest language learning applications for Android and iOS are Duolingo alternatives apps. As a result, you can learn a distinct language spoken by the locals. These languages are not at all like your native speech.

However, learning a native language has gotten much easier in recent years. As a result of these apps, you will have access to a plethora of attractive features that will assist you in learning your preferred native language. From there, you may speak with native speakers or access a wealth of information to help you learn a new language.

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Personally speaking, I used most of the apps and I found them useful. So you can also download any of the apps on your phone and make the best use of them. You can also go for its other premium version that will benefit to make you a better understanding of the language to learn.

Duolingo Alternatives App

Best 10 Duolingo Alternatives Apps For Android And IOS

  1. Rosetta Stone

    Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice & Speak Languages

    Rosetta Stone is a wonderful Duolingo alternatives apps for learning a new language easily and understandably. The method that it uses is so interactive and the language is divided into lessons that will easy for you to understand the language firmly.

    Whatever you need to learn you can learn it at your fingertips by using this app. You can use this app anytime anywhere with both online and offline processes for free. It has a subscription option where you can buy the course of language you want to learn. All types of languages are available such as Korean, German, Italian, and many more so you can learn many languages for free. Just you have to opt for any of the target languages and start learning from today.

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  2. LearnMatch

    Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice & Speak Languages

    Learn match is the best app for learning a new language and it will train you in the preferred language you want to learn. The interface is simple, designed in a modern way and it is perfect in many ways.

    It becomes a personal tutor of yours and you can learn languages in a very easy way. At first, it will train you in vocabulary and then go to the next part such as sentences or paragraphs.

    You can also learn English vocabulary for your school test or exams so that you can get good marks in your English subject. As you can learn different languages and can customize the design of your own choice and select the avatar. You can also add any of the words which you want to understand or want to know its translation of that words.

    It will give you various exercises every day so that you will learn the specific language better. Moreover, a dictionary is available for you, you can get the meaning of the word you want to know. Playing the game with your friends in real-time would be the best method to learn a language in a fun way.

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  3. HelloTalk

    HelloTalk - Learn Languages

    HelloTalk is one of the amazing global language learning apps where you can exchange your language and can connect to people who speak different languages. It consists of the biggest community language and can connect to the world over different countries. You can also raise questions to the native people on their culture, an accent of speaking a particular language.

    Through audio or video messages you can connect with them and can pronunciate their specific language more quickly. It provides you tutors that will help you to learn the language you want. There are many lessons that you have to read and understand the concept of how to speak or write. The more you practice the more you understand and can learn the language quickly.

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  4. Learn Russian

    Learn Russian: Language Course

    Learn Russian is the easiest app as here you can instantly or effectively able to learn the language and go through with lessons that will provide you daily basis. Within a few minutes, you can recognize the words that are in the Russian language. Also, you can form different sentences and learn phases to speak.

    You can hire a tutor directly from your device and become a part of language and their conversations. This app would available for advanced, beginners, and other professionals. Here you can fulfill your all needs to learn a language. It will teach you grammar portions so that it will be easy for you to make sentences. You can also study or compete with your friends.

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  5. Wannalisn

    Wannalisn - Learn Spanish and English

    Are you looking for an app to improve your English and make your communications skills better? Wannalisn is the greatest duolingo alternative apps that will help you to train your all pronunciation or speaking skills. If you have to become an effective listener then you must have to access the app and learn English vocabulary every day.

    This app is so entertaining that makes your learning pattern more interactive and you can speak easily to your native speakers so fluently. Its learning pattern has its name called edutainment which is the combination of education and entertainment. As it is painless but also it will be challenging for you to learn the same accent of how to speak in English. It also consists of movies which would help you to understand English in a better way.

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  6. Chatterbug

    Chatterbug: Language Learning

    Chatterbug is a tremendous learning app where you can learn different languages. It is the best solution for you to learn a new language.

    As here you just not only learn a new language you can also improve your English vocabulary as well. It offers you a unique way to learn a language efficiently or effectively.

    Here anyone can learn a language does not matter whether you are at the stage advanced level or you are just a beginner. You can practice the language by participating in different quizzes that help you to improve your language.

    Also, you can give importance to that part where you need to improve. You can increase your vocabulary when you take a part in a quiz after the stream is finished. If you face any difficulty you can ask the person who is live on stream and it will solve your problem easily.

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  7. Mango Languages

    Mango Languages

    Mango is one of the fabulous Duolingo alternatives apps as it will allow to you connect with native people and start your conversation with them in their language.

    Learning the language is a kind of adventure where everyone would take part in this. Its all features are so interactive and various activities would perform to make the learning path easy for every individual.

    Moreover, it has other courses which you have to learn such as pronunciation, grammar, culture, and vocabulary. It can also be used as a perfect toddler apps to learn new languages for free.

    The course is divided into lessons that make the process easy for you to understand the content. You can record the audio of the native speaker to practice the language for later. You will also get an option to download any of the lessons to read or practice it offline. It will also support you if there is an issue.

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  8. Speaky

    Speaky - Language Exchange

    Speaky is the easiest and quickest Duolingo alternative app that helps you to learn another language in a very short period. Using this app you can learn any language that is spoken all around the world. You just need to explore for the people who speak different languages and you can explore the people all around the world.

    Once you find the partner you can talk to them in their native language and also can adapt to each other’s cultures. You will progress in the language you study if you practice every day. The more you practice and concentrate on speaking, the faster you will learn the language.

    This app won’t help you to learn the language you want to learn but it will connect you with people who speak different languages. By doing practice every day you can improve and learn English easily.

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  9. FunEasyLearn

    FunEasyLearn - Learn Languages 

    FunEasyLearn is a fantastic app that helps you to learn your favorite language. As you can access the app offline as well you can learn various languages such as Spanish, German and many others without having an internet connection on your smartphone.

    It is a full entertaining app where you can learn, speak and write by using easy methods. This Duolingo alternatives apps includes the alphabet, words, sentences, phrases, and much more.

    While using this app you can learn up to thirty-four languages, pick any of the languages you want to start first, and then practice on it every day.

    Learning the language process is so easy that you get things quickly and you can learn the language and its words very clearly. It can also be used as word game apps where you will be able to learn new words. You can also trace your progress and can earn points so that you can buy its subscription part from the earning points.

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  10. Hibee

    Hibee - Language Practice

    If you want to speak the native language, Hibee is the utmost brilliant app that makes you perfect in the native language. You just need to watch and listen to language to make yourself better in a specific language. As you have to be consistent that every day you learn something new and become a perfectionist in the language you are in the process of learning.

    It’s time to share your talent for speaking the language with the community so that you can earn many gifts and popularity. All contents are so interactive that make you good in communication skills.

    Also, you can watch the videos of your native speaker, which means the language you choose to learn. It will improve your speaking skills and make your communication better. Hibee has many different contents, clips, videos, you just need to explore and practice a lot of speaking and writing.

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