Top 12 Entrepreneur Games For Android And iOS


Have you ever thought to own a business and be failed due to some reason? If yes then now it is easy to be an entrepreneur without any investment or risk. If you are thinking how it is possible then you must have to try entrepreneur games on your android or iOS device. Using an entrepreneur game, you will be able to own a business with lots of features. There are a great number of entrepreneur games available for both android and iOS users. You can simply check this article and find one from them according to your use and interest.

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Entrepreneur games apps help you to easily own a business and become a perfect entrepreneur without any risk or investment. In this article we are listing top 12 popular entrepreneur games for android and iOS users. These apps can be used with different features and options, you can simply check the before and install best according to your use. Most of the apps in this list can be used as problem solving apps so that you will be able to improve your problem-solving skills. These apps can also be used by creative person who wants to be an entrepreneur. In this article I am going to discuss about some of the best entrepreneurship games you need to play once.

best entrepreneur games

Top 12 Entrepreneur Games For Android And iOS

  1. Business Tycoon

    Business TycoonIt is a very popular management game which will let you build your own business empire. This game is extremely realistic in which you will be starting as a small entrepreneur and you have to create your own company along with managing it and building strongest business empire ever. You will need to make investments and purchase business along with researching for new technology. There are many other activities that you need to practice and it will enhance your management skills and instant thinking and decision abilities too.

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  2. Landlord Tycoon

    Landlord TycoonThis is a very good entrepreneurship game where you need to purchase, sell and exchange real estate and be the real estate tycoon by building a very big empire using amazing strategies. It will improve your business management skills because this game you need to manage in exchange your money in the most efficient manner possible. You can also us it as two player game apps to play game with your friends and family. This game is very realistic and to win you need to trade wisely. It is just like a billionaire battle and the best part is you can play this game free of cost.

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  3. Industrialist

    IndustrialistIt is a very good game where you will have to look after a large industry enterprise. You will have to purchase new machines as well as hire new employees along with controlling the production to successfully run the business. Life of the business will depend on how efficiently you make your strategy and you will also have to do some research in order to upgrade your equipment. It can played as no wifi games which will enhance your knowledge and skills of how to manage a business as well as make you more ambitious.

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  4. Cash

    CashIt is a realistic game where you will have to be the most powerful money tycoon and live your life like a celebrity businessman. You will need to keep on upgrading your business as well as increase the money flows. It is just like an adventure from living a normal life to a life of fame by building the biggest empire of your own. You can use it as girl game apps to play game with your friends and collect cash. Along with these it also provide option to try your luck where you will receive cash, gifts, tickets and others.

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  5. Tiny Tower

    Tiny TowerThis game is excellent where you need to build a tiny tower and bring in more people as well as providing them jobs. You are not only required to manage your business but also the bitizens that live inside. You will have to make more and more money by making strategies and building different types of floors. While using this app you will have to grab the attention of the bitizens and persuade them to stay and work inside. You can name each of the floor whatever you want to and also personalize their looks as per your preference. You can also have a visit to your friend’s tower and if they require bitizens then send them.

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  6. Game Dev Story

    Game Dev StoryHere is another great entrepreneur game app for android and iOS users. In this app you will be able to manage your own gaming company and create a millions of game to sale. You can also use Classified Apps on your android or iOS device to sell and buy used items. In this app you will be able to hire more and more staff for your company who will develop new game. Along with these it also provide option to promote your staff member according to their experience. It is available with free and app to purchase option with lots of different features to use.

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  7. Sim companies

    Sim CompaniesIt is a very beautiful game where you can build your own business and make it one of the most profitable and competitive company. In this game you will need to efficiently manage your research supply and not only that, will also have to maintain your finance and acquire more business partners to make your business profitable. It will enhance your leadership skills and you will also be learning about teamwork and how to develop a business by playing in this virtual world.

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  8. The Startup

    The StartupThe Startup is a great entrepreneur games developed by LED Apps LLC for iOS users. It is available with free option so that anyone can easily install this app on their iOS device. It is real time business strategy and fun apps which is available for both youth and adults. You can use it as single player as well as multiplayer to play with up to max four player at a time. While playing against other player on a same device you will get lots of fun with new features. It also provide option to customize gameplay settings for that you have t purchase this game.

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  9. Total Business Tycoon

    Total Business TycoonIn this game you will have to become the most powerful businessman along with managing your family in the best possible manner. You will have to look over the family budget and also buy them gifts. Not only that, you will also have to manage divorces and legal heirs. Meanwhile, you will also have to look after the problems of your company like purchasing of machines and efficient supplies along with managing the strikes. Your main objective will be to stimulate the sales in the market and acquire more new businesses such as video game studio, hotel restaurant it and many others.

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  10. Adventure Capitalist

    AdVenture CapitalistThis is quite a popular again you need to make money and build your own business and eventually become a capitalist tycoon. In this world you will be having a journey from a common man to business tycoon and make money even in the multinational level. In this adventure you will have to make new investments and stimulate your profits. You will definitely be enjoying this brain game apps with the experience of playing such kind of games and more than that it will trigger your leadership and management skills. You will also need to find potential investors for making more money.

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  11. Game Dev Tycoon

    Game Dev TycoonThis is an amazing game you need to develop your own business. You will begin your business as a game development company and this is set in the 1980s. After releasing some successful games you will be having your office and then you need to hire employees and train them as well. As you make money you will be moving to bigger companies and eventually you will become a market leader and have a lot of fans from all around the world. The best part of this game is that you will be unlocking new achievements as you proceed with this game and it does not contain kind of advertisements to disrupt you in between the gameplay.

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  12. Hotel Empire Tycoon

    Hotel Empire TycoonThis is another good game which will allow you to build your own business empire from the scratch and become the most powerful hotel Tycoon ever. You will be starting your journey as the owner of a small hotel and by working harder and smarter will have to grow your business. You will have to improve your amenities and make your guest feel more comfortable while using this party game apps. In this game you have to spend your earnings in the most efficient manner possible so that it makes your guest happy and enables you to make your business empire larger. You need to focus on many things searches keeping your room clean, I having efficient staff and lifeguards. It has got varieties of activities for your entertainment.

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So, these were some of the best entrepreneur games available for you.


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