Top 10 Fitness Apps For Android And iOS


We all wants to be healthy and fit without any extra workouts. Most of us must have some fitness goal and we all want to get them in less time. If you are having some fitness goals such as getting slim, gaining buildings, increasing the body strength, losing weight or any other, these apps will definitely help you in achieving those goals effectively and efficiently. Fitness apps will help you to easily get fitness tips on your smartphone. While using a perfect fitness apps on your smartphone you will be able to get best way to stay healthy and fit.

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There is much more way to get perfect body shape according to your requirement. For that you have to start fitness exercises and have a perfect diet plan. Most of us want to start fitness exercises but the problem is which one is perfect for them. If you are also facing such problem then you must have to try a perfect fitness app on your android or iOS device. Fitness apps provide option to stay healthy and fit by perfect exercises according to your body shape. Most of the apps in this list help you to set a fitness goal so that you will get best exercise according to them.

best Fitness Apps

Top 10 Fitness Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Fitify

    FitifyFitify is considered to be one of the best fitness and health apps. It provides workouts without any equipment and help people live a better lifestyle. It will work as your own personal trainer. You will never stop enjoying the HD video exercises with voice coach instructions. The built-in calendar and artificial intelligence app feature will let you track your workout history. You can customize your workouts by choosing exercises, duration and the rest intervals. It also enables its users to set up daily alert notifications.

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  2. Google Fit

    Google FitGoogle Fit enables you to reach your health goals and help you live a more active life. It delivers personalized coaching and actionable tips depending upon your health. You can track your activities and progress directly from your Android phone, iPhone or even a smartwatch. From swimming to strolling, it can count any activities that have direct influence on your health. Google Fit have made collaborations with the World Health Organization (WHO) with an aim to develop Heart Points.

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  3. Adidas Training by Runtastic

    RuntasticRuntastic was launched in the year 2009 which was purchased by Adidas later in the year 2015. It has an excellent fitness apps where you can start your training plan, choose muscle groups, create a workout that suits your schedule and get professional guidance by experts. Recording workouts, tracking activities, joining challenges, sharing about success – everything is possible in this plank challenge app. Adidas Runtastic will help you boost your performance by pushing yourself in new ways.

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  4. Samsung Health

    Samsung HealthSamsung Health is an elegant app developed and launched by Samsung on 2nd July, 2012. It aims at helping people to lead a healthy lifestyle by tracking day to day aspects such as diet, physical exercise and sleep. Samsung Health is available in about 80 languages at present with fun app option. It has got free exercise programmes and daily health news updates with customizable news feed. You can also compete with your friends and also take part in global challenges.

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  5. BodBot Personal Trainer

    BodBot Personal TrainerBodBot acts as your own mobile personal trainer with the most advanced at home and at the gym exercises. It provides the perfect training plans which can maximize your fitness gains. You will get access to video demonstrations and detailed descriptions which will help you learn correct movements. This app can also be used as a personal health coach apps to get fitness tips. The attractive feature is that BodBot will build your training plans based on your physical activities and sleep.

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  6. Nike Training Club

    Nike Training ClubNike Training Club is an amazing app containing workouts designed from high level experts. You can start with a 4 to 6 week training plan which comfortably suits you and your schedules. You can choose the session range from 15 to 45 minutes. It will get access to different categories of physical activities such as yoga apps, cardio and HIIT, strength training, mobility and many others. As you achieve your goals, you can earn badges and trophies. You can also tune in to the Podcast from Nike. If you join Nike Pro, you can learn from Nike experts and get exclusive discounts on Nike gears.

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  7. Freeletics Training Coach

    Freeletics Training CoachWhen I talk about fitness apps, I cannot miss Freeletics Training Coach under any circumstances. The digital coach will analyse your fitness goal and provide you a personalized training journey. It will also provide you custom meal plans that can perfectly fit your body and goal. Even the free version of this stretching app contains 20 audio sessions, 20 HIIT bodyweight workouts and 25 exercises. The 5 to 20 minutes sessions will help you in building your habits, enhance focus and manage stress. The premium version has got many other additional features.

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  8. FitOn

    FitOnFitOn provides some of the best workouts which you can perform anywhere, anytime. You will get access to hundreds of workout classes by world-class experts for free. The demonstrations are quick and effective. It will deliver customize plans based on our goals. The best part is that you do not require any equipment and you can work out with your friends too. Yoga, Pilates, Cardio HIIT, Barre – you will find all of these in this breathing app. It will also provide stress reduction practices. You can also go for 10 minutes video if you are running out of time.

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  9. SWEAT- Kayla Itsines Fitness

    SWEATSWEAT app is developed specifically for females. You can perform your workouts under the guidance of some of the best female trainers around the globe such as Kayla Itsines and Kelsey Wells. It contains workouts for both beginners and women in their post pregnancy period with future baby generator app option. One can find different types of workouts such as low intensity cardio, weight training, at home and at the gym workouts, circuit training, etc. You can easily track your progress, plan your workouts and plan your meals to reach your fitness goals.

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  10. Gymondo

    GymondoGymondo provides varieties of workouts such as yoga, fat burner, cardiocore, barre and many others. You just need to contribute 20 minutes of your daily life. The home workouts are designed by fitness experts and are of too much fun. This app works both online and offline. The Gymondo nutrition plans will help you reach your goals even faster. You can upgrade to the premium version which contains more than 20 fitness programs and over 200 workouts.

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So, these are some of the best fitness apps available for both Android and iOS device users. You can use any of them depending upon your requirement.


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