Top 12 Forehead Game Apps For Android And iOS


Nowadays, we are facing a new change in our life because of the virus. But this time also allows us to spend more time with family and friends. However, sometimes you might feel bored because of no work. So at that time what should you do? Well, there are thousands of forehead game apps available on your phone to quickly erase all your boredom and transform it into a memorable and fun moment.

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So you might get a clue about the major focus of this article. In this post, we will go to discuss the top 12 best Forehead Game Apps for Android and iOS. In this type of game, you have to guess the word similar to charades game.

So without wasting your time anymore let’s dive into the top forehead games that make your party more exciting on the go.

Forehead Games

Top 12 Forehead Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Pictoword

    PictowordFirst and the most popular brain training app, here you have to guess the pic to win new levels. This forehead game apps is presented by Kooapps and it is available on Android and iPhone both. Any age group can enjoy this game even if you play it offline also. You can guess the pictures as per your skills.

    There are thousands of picture guessing categories so that you can choose any word puzzle as you like. This addictive logic game app that can be played alone or with others.

    The gameplay is easy, there will be two pictures shown in the game and you have to form a word.

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  2. Heads up!

    Heads Up!Another best forehead game for Android and iPhone in 2021. This forehead game app is developed by Warner Bros, which is a well known international enterprise. It is a party game app and comes with the latest features. You have seen this game in the Ellen DeGeneres show and now this fun game is available on your mobile.

    In this game, you have to guess the celebrity name which is shown in the picture. Also, you need to act silly accents of the mentioned celebrities. There are no restrictions on the number of players. There are various categories so that you can select them as per your skills and intelligence. Overall, it is a complete package for entertainment at one platform.

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  3. What Am I?

    What am IOne more best Android forehead game which offers you fun offline games that are addictive also. 2Minds Dev is the developer of this game. Here you have to play charades with your friends and family by guessing the word. So if you are looking for a fun word guessing which also offers multi-activity games then this fun app is for you.

    However, you can play this game in your family gatherings or parties also. It offers you various activities like singing, dancing and drawing. There will be deck categories to choose from such as dance moves, accent, movie character and celebrity etc.

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  4. Charades!

    Charades!Next in my list, charades for iPhone and Android. FatChicken studios are the developer of this game app. It has brilliant features that make it a more exciting group game. In this forehead game apps you can challenge your friends for singing, dancing even for sketching.

    There will be a word in a car show on your forehead and your friend has to act to help you in guessing the right work. This game can be played with hundreds of players. Just tilt your phone if you want to add a new card in this game. Here you will also get fairy tales, sports legends and animal kingdom for more making your Party more fun.

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  5. 100 PICS Quiz

    Charades!If you are an iPhone user then this will be your perfect option for best forehead app in 2021. However, it is also the most popular game in the world that offers brain guessing through pictures, puzzles, brain teaser, trivia and logo. It offers more than 10k plus pictures to guess the word as well as there are 100 over picture puzzle games and quiz topics.

    The best part of this game app is the developers add new quiz packs weekly. This brain game app offers various features that make it one of the most popular brain guessing games. There are offline games available so that you can take challenges in no time.

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  6. Guess word

    Guess WordAgain a great app, for making your get-togethers more fun and exciting. Guess the word is the game which offers you a free charades game and the best part is there are no ads to interrupt you. The gameplay is you have to act and help your friend to guess the correct word which is featured.

    There are no restrictions on the number of players. Also, you can record your gaming videos or you can share them with your friends. Also, there are many categories to select such as food, celebrities, 90s kids, animals, Disney, brands, harry potter and many more.

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  7. 2 Pics To Word

    2 Pics 1 WordAs its name suggests you know about the gameplay. There will be 2 pics featured on the app, and you have to guess the word by mixing both pics. It has new guessing features and gameplay. There are 600 plus word puzzles which are quite impressive.

    The best thing is this game is great for your brain. It’s fun puzzles, lets your brain think about the word and gives you relief. You can train your mind with this game through various brain competitions. You can select any level from easy to hard. But be careful this game is quite addictive.

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  8. Evil minds

    Evil MindsThe evil mind is known as a great whole-body word guessing game. Evil minds and evil apples both are developed by the same. The gameplay is to guess the word through acting or clues. If you guess the right secret evil word then you will be the winner.

    You just need a single phone to play this two player game apps. However, if you are playing it with your buddies then definitely you all will laugh too hard. There are two different game modes one is clue giver mode and the other is word guesser mode. There is a collection of 2000 plus evil words which will never let you bored with it.

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  9. Evil apples

    Evil ApplesAnother party game which has millions of downloads to date. Evil apples is a fantastic card game, it allows you to play with any player across the world. This tournament is specially designed for adults and based on the card game which is against humanity.

    It has very simple girl game app, just select any card to finish the phrase of your previous card. There is a wide range of card collections. More than 3500 cards have been waiting to be open. Just win the game and choose the next winner. Evil apples is a fun and interesting game which will make your parties great.

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  10. Charades

    CharadesOne more charades game with more than 85 free decks collection. In Fac, t you can play this charades game in many different languages with your friends across the world. Guess the correct word featured on your head with the help of your friends.

    Your Friends can help you by singing, mimicking and dancing to guess the word. You have to guess movies, tv shows, actors or landmarks many more. Within 60 seconds you have to guess the word. There are hundreds of words available and a wide collection of levels are there.

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  11. Guess the emoji

    Guess the emojiIf you want a game that entertains you for the whole day then guess the emoji is the best option. This is a cult classic game, this guessing game has thousands of emoji quizzes in it. With this game, you can test your reasoning skills, logic and knowledge along with having fun.

    With its simple interface and gameplay, it can make your gadget-together. By using a series of emojis you have to guess the correct word. If you stuck at any point you can use hints out there and win the level. This unique trivia should be on your list if you are planning for a fun time.

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  12. GuessUp

    GuessUpGuess UP is one of the most popular multi-activity gaming apps to play with your friends and family. This couple game app offers you various challenges that include singing, dancing and guessing the word shown on the car. There will be pictures on your head which you have to guess. You have to guess the right word before the time with the help of clues provided by your friends.

    What you need to do is just choose a deck to start the game. There is a team mode so that you can challenge your friends also. You can save your gameplay to watch it later or you can share it on your social media page.

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So these are the 12 Forehead Game Apps for Android and iOS. All of them are my personal favourite. You can choose any of them to wipe out all your boredom into fun and excitement.


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