Best 10 Kegel Apps For Android And iOS


As many people truly love fitness and always wanted to stay healthy and fit. Along with having a healthy diet, it is also necessary to do proper exercises. However, there are many types of exercises out there, and kegel exercises are my favourite ones. You can use top kegel apps to get best kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are introduced for women who are struggling with incontinence after pregnancy. This type of exercise focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor muscle, it also improves bowel control and bladder. Not only for women Kegel exercises are beneficial for men also.

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This exercise will help men struggling with erectile dysfunction. It combats premature ejaculation, increasing the intensity of some orgasms. So, these are the few reasons why you should add Kegel exercises to your daily workout regimen.

In the further article, we will discuss the top 10 best kegel exercise apps for Android and iOS. Each app offers you easy and effective kegel exercises with many helpful features, Such as a progress monitor and reminder and more.

So let’s get started with one of my favourite kegel exercise apps.

Kegel Apps

10 Best Kegel Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Easy Kegel

    Easy KegelLet’s begin with the most popular and easy to use kegel app called easy kegel. Its features made this app the most downloaded app among other kegel apps. This app allows you to see your daily exercise goals on your screen. You will begin to receive instruction once you click the start button on this fitness app.

    Another great thing is, you will see pink light while doing exercises and it will turn into white when there is a need to take a rest. You can customise the features of this app. for example, you can set the notifications or else you can turn them off on the timer. Along with that, the workout programs also can be customized so you can change them as per your needs.

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  2. Fitonomy

    FitonomyOne more great app, that offers you healthy recipes, customized plans for daily exercise and much more. Fitonomy is the best app if you are looking for a workout at home. It has many features that allow you to become healthy and fit in no time. It may also help you in losing weight to achieve your desired body goals.

    Moreover, you can also use this kegel app to build muscles, lose weight. It offers a customized workout for the back, ab and chest to tone and sculpt your body. You will find many workouts on the Fitonomy app such as biceps, HIIT workouts, glutes, arm exercises and more.

    When you download the fitonomy app you will get a personalized fitness plan, you can perform kegel exercise anytime with your phone. It also offers you step and calories counting features as it has google fit integrated.

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  3. Elvie Trainer

    Elvie TrainerIf you use any kind of Elvie gadget you can use this Elvie trainer app on your Android and iOS device. They will work together and give you the best experience. Visually and functionally both Elvie devices are the same.

    It has a kegel smart simulator that offers many important functions for easy training. Training reminders, monitoring are some of their features. You have to synchronize both the Elvie device and app by using Bluetooth.

    What I like the most about this app is it offers you various exercises in the form of games. Which makes it easier to follow each step and interesting.

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  4. Kegel Trainer

    Kegel TrainerA great application that helps you to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in the easiest ways. The cool thing about this app is it has daily reminders along with easy to follow Kegel exercises.

    More than that, it has 10 different sessions to level up your pelvic floor muscles with a new routine. Kegel trainer offers quick sessions that are usually between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. So that you can follow your kegel training with your busy life. You can also use it as plank challenge app to get plank exercises for free.

    Plus, there are daily reminders so you will not forget to perform your kegel exercises. In short, if you are looking for a simple to use app, with easy effective exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles then kegel trainer is just for you.

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  5. Mommymove

    MommymoveIf you are a woman who’s searching for a short workout after pregnancy then mommymove is the right fit for you. This app is specially designed for moms to help them to be fit and healthy. There are no fixed timings for workouts you can exercise any time when you are free.

    This app is personalized to each woman in the world. It has all the features that a mum needs to be active after pregnancy. The best part is you don’t need any equipment to do any exercise. With its course plans, you can manage your daily workout without failure.

    Mommymove offers personalized quick workouts of different lengths. The best thing is, you will get short videos that show you how to perform the following exercise.

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  6. Perifi‪t‬

    PerifitAnother great application that helps you with pelvic healing and provides strength training. Perifit app offers part exerciser, a part app with kegel exercises. All the exercises are made with exciting gamified technology.

    All the training programs are recorded by top pelvic floor experts, any age group can use this app for exercise. There are six unique kegel exercises with exciting fun video games.

    If you are looking for a solution to heal and strengthen your pelvic floor then perifit is worth trying. Along with that you can track and monitor your daily progress to stay motivated.

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  7. Magic Kegel

    Magic KegelDo you want a personal coach for your daily kegel workouts? If yes then download magic kegel app. It has a complete workout guide to instruct you. You can use this health coach app to measure the strength of your pelvic floor muscle.

    Magic kegel app has features that allow you to track your exercise performance easily. The cool thing about this app is, it comes with instant biofeedback measurements. So you can quickly find the results.

    In this app, you will get 6 levels of kegel training along with a performance monitoring system. You can choose any course as per your personal needs. Perfect app will help you to maintain healthy and strong pelvic floor muscles.

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  8. Regimen

    RegimenAre you facing erection problems? Regimen has the first digital therapy that prevents erectile dysfunction effectively. This app comes with a most effective digital therapy program that helps you to experience better erections, sustainably and holistically.

    Regimen is the first digital therapy program made for preventing erection problems. This app is developed by researchers and leading doctors worldwide, it is specially designed for men.

    Along with that, You can also use it as yoga apps which offers yoga and workouts that help you for better blood flow. Also, you can read lifestyle and nutritional advice for improved erections.

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  9. FitOn

    FitOnAnother great app that empowers you to calm your mind with easy yoga practices. It will help you to reduce your stress along with increasing your fitness. FitOn offers fun cardio workouts with a large library of fitness videos.

    What’s great? It has exercises that can be performed in your home or even in the gym. There are celebrity trainers available like Cassey Ho or Jeanette Jenkins. Moreover, you can read articles based on how to stay healthy mentally and physically.

    It has a range of home workouts and exercises that helps you to achieve your desired fitness goals. From strength training to cardio videos. You can learn barre, pilates, yoga and HIIT training also.

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  10. Squeezy

    SqueezyAnother great app that is made for pelvic floor muscle exercises. This NHS physiotherapy app is specially made for women, to help them to do pelvic floor muscles exercises. If you are looking for a physiotherapist for treating problems connect with bowels, bladder or pelvic floor muscles.

    Along with that, it allows you to set reminders for exercises. The best thing is this kegel app is simple to use, informative, discreet. It has helpful audio and visual programs prompts to ease out your daily training. The best part is it maintains a record of your daily exercises to keep your eyes on your improvements.

    Plus, squeezy app provides customisable exercise plans. You can use this app as stretching apps and monitor your daily progress. And the professional mode of this app made this app more effective.

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I hope this article helps you to find the perfect kegel training app for your Android or iOS device. All of these mentioned apps are easy to use and have great features to make your kegel exercises fun and effective.


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