Best 10 Measuring Apps For Android And iOS


When you need a tape measure or a ruler to measure your objects or other items, what do you use? So, here are some measuring apps for Android and iOS for your convenience. It makes your job easier and more efficient. Although it will not give you an exact measurement of the objects, it will provide you with approximate measurements that will be useful to you.

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Measurements apps are specifically designed to help you to measure real-world objects and provide you with results in a fraction of a second. You can easily measure any size or type of object here. You can measure length, height, distance, width, and a variety of other things.

Even though you can install any of the apps on your device. It will be available for both Android and iOS. These apps are free to use, and it doesn’t take a long time to measure the objects.

Best Measuring Apps

Best 10 Measuring Apps For Android And iOS

  1. GPS Fields Area Measure PRO

    GPS Fields Area Measure PRO

    The GPS fields are measure is the wonderful apps that are used for doing measurements. It is easy to use and you can measure the distance, perimeter manager, or area. This application is so useful for where you can measure the fields, mark the points that are needed, and can also share your measurements with the team.

    So you don’t need to explore another app through this app you can measure any area or field you want to measure very conveniently. You can access the data for unlimited purposes. It has a mode called smart marker where you can place an exact pin.

    After measurement, you can give the name, save it, and share your data with your colleagues. It has also the option to undo so that you can undo your file if needed. Moreover, you can trace the GPS, which automatically measures the distance while you are walking or driving. This tool is generally used for farmers, town planners, farm fencing, and many other professionals.

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  2. Ruler


    The ruler is a useful app that concludes different functions such as calculation of the lengths, converting (mm to inches), ruler online, and many more. This tool is very simple, beautiful and you can easily use it on your device for measuring purposes.

    It has different electronic elements such as measuring the area, fields accurately. The design is so stylish, modern and the calibration is so decent. You can simply set the units mm, inch and cm. It helps you to measures in different modes like plane, level, line, and point. Along with these, you can also get features to translate the app into different languages.

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  3. AR Ruler App

    AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

    AR ruler app has one of the best technology that augmented and you can measure the different things of the world directly from your device. The tape measure allows you to measure the distinct line size such as mm, cm, feet, yard.

    As you can measure the distance through your phone to point and mark is detected on the 3d plane. You can also measure the perimeter and area of the room. Although you can also calculate the path, volume, height, plan, and all the small objects which you want to measure. If you need any help you can contact the app and it will resolve your issue.

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  4. Ruler & Bubble Level: Measure

    Ruler & Bubble Level: Measure

    The measure is a beneficial and easy app for measuring the lengths of the different objects, different angles, vertical/ horizontal calibration. You can access the app anywhere freely. Also can measure any object by measuring its length, width, or height.

    You can also record the data of the object you measured. If you have to measure the areas so you have to select the inclination, angle, and roof. It also saves your battery as you can change it into eco mode. Through this, you can measure any object or field and record it in your file.

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  5. Smart Tools

    Smart Tools

    The other next bewildering measuring apps on our list is smart tools that can directly measure through your android and iOS. As you can see by its name that the tools are used for measuring the objects and you get accurate measurements.

    It has different kinds of levels such as ruler, bubble, protractor, magnifier. Its main goal is to measure from small to big objects, any field, area, or room. This is the best accessible tool that you can use anywhere, any time. You can use the app without seeing ads and if it shows some ads you can easily remove them.

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  6. Millimeter

    Millimeter - screen ruler app

    The millimeter is the amazing screen ruler app where you can easily measure mini objects. It will fix the ruler perfectly and it will show results on your device screen. It does not require any ads and you can measure the objects on full screen. Any objects can be measured and give you accurate results. Moreover, as a reference, you can use different objects to measure such as credit cards or coins.

    You can also personalize the app and its different modes, and can also you buy its more features. You will get the option to calculate different objects or areas by using many tools such as area measurement, vertical ruler, use fraction for measuring the inch unit. It can also be used as unit converter apps to convert units on your smartphone. Along with these, it will also show you full-screen measurements and in this case, you get a better experience. All over it can measure any type or size of the object.

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  7. Moasure

    Moasure – the smart tape measure

    Moasure is an astounding app where you can easily and very conveniently measure any object. It has a tape measure, protractor, ruler, and goniometer. You have to move your phone from one place to another and then it will show you the distance between two points and that helps you to measure the height, width.

    Using this app you can measure distinct modes for spaces, measuring distance, height, and other angles. Although you can easily label it and save your all measurement and can send it through mail or SMS. It will give you accurate results and professionals can also access the app smoothly.

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  8. CamToPlan

    CamToPlan - AR measurement / tape measure

    CamToPlan is a popular app that can measure anything you want! vertically, horizontal, length, height anything that would be required of you, it will measure it. As you can measure any length by using the ruler or by using another measuring tool. It will also provide an option to export your measurement in png or DXF.

    Does not matter you have to measure the object for personal or professional purposes, always access it like a pro. So here is a brilliant feature that is virtual reality that can easily measure the dimensions of the floor, doors as well as your home in a very simple way. Anybody can access this app very conveniently, it can be used by professional interior designers, real states agents, gardeners, farmers.

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  9. Angle Meter 360

    Angle Meter 360

    Angle meter 360 is the finest measuring apps to measure the different angles just by using your device. You do not need any professional tools, through this application you can take any measurements.

    Just you have to place your phone on the prepared surface of the object then it starts taking measuring and it will give you the result. Along with these, you can also use it as perfect cad drawing apps to create 3D models on your smartphone.

    It will also premise you to press the lock angle button for getting the result of the measurements you take. If you want to reset the result then click the unlock button.

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  10. Protractor


    Protractor is the utmost accessible for measuring different angles. It does require any ads and this app is perfectly free to use. You can have a camera view and you can pause any time with its button.

    As you can measure the objects between two markers. There are two lines vertical and horizontal. Moreover, you can also access the CAL button to regulate the accelerometer if the plumbs lines are out. Although you can use the radians to the clipboard or copy the angles for degrees.

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