Top 12 Microphone Apps For Android & iOS


Hundreds of apps are popping up on the Internet daily, and some of them play a crucial role in our day-to-day life. There is No doubt that the microphone apps are the most important if you handle online affairs.

These top 12 microphone apps can be used on different occasions with ease. You can communicate with your close ones by using the microphone app or you can use them to record essential online recordings.

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Have you every think to start chat with new friends and failed due to bad microphone on your smartphone? If yes, then you must have to try microphone app on your smartphone. Microphone app will provide best microphone option on your android or iOS device. Most of the people have their own microphone with best quality. There are a great number of people who can’t afford to buy new microphone with good quality and features.

Microphone is a best way to increase your voice. In this technical era, you don’t to buy a new microphone to get these features. You can simply download a perfect microphone app on your android or iOS device and start conversion with new friends around the world.

Here is the list of 12 best microphone apps available on iOS and Android.

best Microphone Apps

Top 12 Microphone Apps For Android & iOS

  1. WO Mic

    WO MicOne of the best apps in the category of microphone application, WO Mic is available on both iOS and Android platforms. If you are looking for an app to virtually use a microphone then it’s for you.

    You can connect your portable device to your PC via USB cable, WiFi and Bluetooth. Even though you can start chatting with any stranger by using chatting apps.

    You can use it with any type of connection, as well as a great pragmatic interface. Which means there is no need for any configuration.

    Download From PlayStore Download From iTunes

  2. Pro Microphone

    Pro MicrophoneIt has an easy to use interface which makes this app perfect for all the iOS and Android users.

    Its various variations not only suit different personalities but also different moods.

    Pro microphone is the best app if you have low sound issues because it has features to amplify the voice.

    This app also offers sound effects which is a good feature for budding singers. You will get sounds as per your need anytime.

    You can download pro microphone on your Android phone from play store or you can use iTunes to download it on iPhone or any Apple gadget.

    Download From PlayStore Download From iTunes

  3. Extra Mic

    Extra MicExtra mic app comes with ultra-low latency which makes this app one of the best microphone apps among the Android users.

    Here you will get features like volume control so that you can change the level of volume as per your choice.

    You can use this microphone app for many reasons like out performances, presentations and musical performances.

    It is very easy to use the app, you just need to connect your external speaker then pick the device to command into the in-built microphone.

    Download From PlayStore

  4. Microphone by VonBruno

    Microphone LiveAnother best microphone app which is made for iOS users, it is a free app which offers microphone explicitly.

    Along with free service, it also serves you numerous advantages such as airplay streaming and wireless Bluetooth.

    These bonus features will allow your phone to work efficiently even without an external microphone. Just plug your iPhone into a stereo system to experience a live microphone in your phone.

    Easily control the volume by Swiping up to increase volume and swiping down to decrease it. So that you can change the volume in a simplified way as per your need.

    You can also download this app from iTunes without paying a penny.

    Download From iTunes

  5. Wireless Mic

    Wireless MicAnother great microphone application for all android users. The best part is there is no need to care about any annual or monthly subscription charges. Which means it is a completely free app.

    Along with that, here you will get a plethora of features which give you an ease for recording audios in your smartphone. You can also check audio editing apps to edit your recorded audio on your smartphone.

    The uniqueness of this app is it can make your phone into a perfect wireless mic.

    If you are a journalist you can record interviews with the extra feature of this app. It allows you to accommodate the client mic through connecting it with the server. However, You can also use a few sound effects in this app.

    Download From PlayStore

  6. AirMic

    AirMicBecause of several reasons, AirMic has become the most comfortable choice for iOS users.

    The first and foremost reason is, you can easily download the Airmic app with a good internet connection from iTunes.

    However, it is a paid app but it is worth more than the price. No user yet complains about the price of the app.

    As per your choice you can change different options of this app or on the basis you are willing to spend you can select the options.

    Like other apps, AirMic also offers your volume feature so here also you can control volume in seconds. The best part is you can connect it to your pc speaker by using your MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

    Download From iTunes

  7. Microphone – Hearing Aid

    Microphone - Hearing AidNext is a microphone app which is an amazing app to convert your mobile device into a fabulous microphone on the go. Its quick options allow you to switch between input or output modes so that you can use this app on Bluetooth external devices.

    It also enables the user to send recorded files on their skype. You can record calls of a specific person by saving his name or you can create schedules on it. Overall it’s a multi-feature app for your day to day management.

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  8. MicSwap

    MicSwapIf you want to enjoy a smooth recording session then MicSwap should be your only choice. Let me tell you why, because it allows the user to turn their one microphone into about 17 other studio microphones which are quite impressive.

    Besides its unique features, here you can also change the audio sounds that you have recorded before downloading this fun app. You can import audio without paying anything.

    There is a live monitoring option which enables the application to swap the microphones even if they are working in different modes.

    Download From iTunes

  9. Microphone by Wonder Grace

    Microphone by Wonder GraceThis one is a bit different from other microphone apps. This application offers you two modes in playback(mono & stereo), comes with a stereo amplifier and sensitivity setting. Along with these features, you will also get equalizer adjustments in this app.

    My most favourite thing about this application is it offers an acoustic router. With this microphone app, you will be able to convert your phone into an amazing microphone, you can connect it with your stereo system, keyboard or headphone through the cord.

    Plus, there is widget support so that you will get assistance whenever you want.

    Download From PlayStore

  10. Megaphone

    MegaphoneMegaphone is yet another must have an app for all the iOS users. If you want to transform your iPhone into a microphone instantly then it’s for you. Just plug your amplified speaker or stereo into your headphone jack, then launch megaphone and here you go, start singing.

    You can get a wireless microphone with this app, all you need to do is plug your iPhone device in any FM transmitter.

    To stream audio on another iOS device over WiFi, you can use megaphone pro. For this, you need to download the megaphone free version. And connect both the devices on the same WiFi.

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  11. EZ Mic

    EZ MicAnother great option for all Android and iOS users. The feature which makes EZ Mic unique from other apps is here you can easily import your vocal without paying any charges.

    Usually, people use this app for gaming purposes because it allows you to change your voice with its sound effects. So that you can have fun with your family and friends by making different voices.

    If you are looking for an external Microsoft or your Windows 7, 8 or 10 and iOS then still this artificial intelligence app deserves to be your choice.

    Download From PlayStore Download From iTunes

  12. Live Microphone

    Live MicrophoneThe live microphone is developed explicitly for Android users, with this app you can switch your simple android phone into a megaphone.

    There is a voice recognition feature built in this app so that you can use it while speaking with anyone. Another noticeable point is it is easy to use the app.

    Anyone can use this app without any hassle and issues. You will experience a crisp recording with this app, so you can go to the app for taking quick voice notes.

    Another unique feature of this app is it gives you an amplification tool so that you can get the perfect volume as you need.

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Hope you find your perfect suit from the above list. All of these apps have great ratings on play store and app store. also each app has its own distinctive feature to fulfill different needs. so now you can easily convert your android or iOS device into a microphone with just one click!


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