Best 10 Money Management Apps For Android And iOS


Money management apps for Android and iOS are some of the most useful applications for creating a budget plan and keeping track of how much money you spend and how much money you have leftover. You will be able to save money and use it in the future as a result of this.

I used the majority of the apps and had a great time. Because I can store all of my financial information in one secure location. It would protect all of my transactional data, bank account information, and credit card information.

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You can, however, access any of the apps and take advantage of their capabilities. You can get data from the previous month back. Make a graph of how much money you spend and how much money you save. Simply download the app and begin utilizing it in your day-to-day activities.

Money Management Apps

Best 10 Money Management Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Walnut

    Walnut: Expense Tracker, Bank Balance, Bill Alerts

    Walnut is incredible money management apps in that it will save your money while also allowing you to track all of your expenses throughout the month or day. When the due date approaches, it will alert you to the credit card bills. You can quickly use the ATM to get cash in real-time if you require it. It can also be used as bill reminder apps to get reminder for your bill payment. You may also see how much money is remaining in your bank account.

    It does, however, keep a variety of banks and credit cards so that you can easily access the app. It does, however, include several functions, including the ability to track your hotel or ticket reservations. If you visit some sites or locations, you will be able to share your information with your friends.

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  2. goDutch


    Go dutch is one of the fantastic money management apps as it tracks your all expenses that you spend daily. You could able to schedule your daily expenses before starting a month. As you can make different groups with your friends and colleague.

    Also, you can divide or arrange the bills in a distinct method. You will be able to modify your payment transactions. Although you can set reminders for certain payments. It would be a perfectly safe app for your various payments and bills. Although it will trace you all budgets.

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  3. Wallet

    Wallet: Budget, Track Finances

    A wallet is useful software since it creates a detailed budget and calculates how much money you have to spend or save based on that budget. As a result, you can quickly track all of the money that you spend or save.

    This program allows you to manage your various cards and currencies. If you have a bank notice, it will automatically update you. This app can also be used as bill payment apps to start payment online.

    You can share your bank reports to spreadsheets or save data to another file. If your budget is organized by month or year, it will be easier for you to save money in the future.

    You will receive reports with high-resolution graphics that will help you understand the information better and will allow you to quickly track your expenditure. Also, You can share your accounts with friends and relatives who are interested in participating in this budget.

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  4. Money Manager

    Money Manager: Expense Tracker, Free Budgeting App

    The money manager is the simplest program because you can tell what it’s for just by looking at the name. Its user interface is straightforward, and you may use it to track your spending and save money for future usage. This program will track your income and determine how much you can spend from that income so that you can save the remainder.

    By accessing this all the things will be clear to you and you can able to execute your plan according to the budget you plan to spend. Make graphs so that it gives you a clear picture of your spending the money for specific reasons.

    Also, it would remind you if you need to transfer or receive any transaction. It is a free app and you could able to access it without any ads.

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  5. Goodbudget

    Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

    Goodbudget is brilliant money executive money management apps that would track your all expenses and then you can schedule your planning about your home budget. It will trace you in actual time and you can share or sync your budget plan on different devices. You can manage your balances, transactions if there are any expenses.

    Also, it will remind you of the transaction that will have to receive or you have to transfer. Although you can add or delete your account along with modified information if required. However, it also includes a subscription that will have more wonderful features such as being able to link your account to other devices, get the history of the last transactions.

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  6. Truebill Budget Planner, Bill Tracker, and Reminder

    Truebill Budget & Bill Tracker

    Truebill budget planner is one of the manageable apps that would make your money safe for the future and it makes your budget and then you can plan to invest money on your expenses. As you can take your money back if there is the wrong transaction occur such as your refunds, cancel a subscription if you don’t need it now.

    It alerts or notifies you of the specific transactions. You can also make use of cash if you need it. It can also be used as online payment apps to start bill payments. Although it will secure your bank information and your various transaction as well.

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  7. EZ Financial Calculator

    EZ Financial Calculator

    EZ financial calculator is one of the finest apps as it will calculate your all financial status. Such as where you have to spend, invest or save. It would help you with this. As it will calculate the currency by converting it into a different currency if need.

    Also, you can calculate your loans, investment, retirement, and many more. However, it is a free app and there are no extra charges or subscriptions. You can modify the app calculator according to your requirement.

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  8. Toshl Finance

    Toshl Finance - Personal Budget & Expense Tracker
    Toshl Finance is one of my favorite money management apps since it allows me to keep track of all of my bank accounts, cash, and credit cards in one place. After downloading the app, it will automatically sync all of my bank accounts and credit cards from all around the world.

    You can enter the details of your expenses for a day or a month. Also, easily convert your money into another at any time, and it will also manage your cryptocurrency.

    You can control all of your data and make changes to the details. You can fill up your information and set up notifications for various transaction reminders. Sync your data with other devices with ease.

    Make better use of graphs to better understand your budget and how to spend it. However, if you want to take advantage of all of its wonderful features, you can sign up for its membership plan.

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  9. CoinKeeper

    CoinKeeper: money manager

    Coinkeeper is a fantastic tool since it acts as your financial assistant, allowing you to make a budget and then spend your money according to your needs. You can keep track of your money and bill payments with ease.

    This app will help you appropriately manage your money and will also assist you in saving money. If you have a budget plan, you will be able to see where your money goes and how you might spend less on less important items.

    Make a monthly or weekly budget plan and can able to sync the data into other devices as well. Although it has brilliant features where you can able to set your reminders of due payments, make statistics for the expenses and savings.

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    DAILY POCKET - Budget Manager

    Are you looking for an app that allows you to save money for the future and only spend it on necessary things? Because you won’t be able to know where your money goes if you don’t have a budget plan.

    So, the daily pocket is an excellent tool that will assist you in creating a budget plan based on your income. It is a perfect student apps which can also be used by students for different purpose in their daily life.

    You can input or amend your information, as well as add and save money for it. You can recheck the statistics as you see the history of the past. Make a graph for each payment, expenditure, and savings. Set a password to protect your payment information, and you may recover or back up your account.

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