Best 12 Music Composer Apps For Android And iOS


Thanks to the latest technology now you can create or record music with your smartphone. The best part is now you don’t need a powerful desktop setup with studio-level music composing tools to create your music. Today, there are thousands of music composer apps that allow you to record your vocals, create beats and edit or mix tracks with your fingertips.

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So if you are looking for a music composing app for your ios or android phone then you have landed in the right space. In this post, I have penned down the top 12 music composer apps available for Android and ios.

Here are the top 12 apps for music composing, let’s begin the list with the most popular and featured packed music composer app.

Music Composer Apps

Best 12 Music Composer Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Music Studio

    Music Studio LiteThe main reason for its popularity lays in the powerful composing pack for just $14.99. The music studio is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Along with that this music composing app offers a superb sound quality, which stands this app among other expensive hardware applications and even desktop options.

    Along with that, this fun app won various respectable awards, and positive reviews from well-known reviewers such as, and

    In addition to this, Music studio offers more than 183 studio recorded instruments for free, along with its normal range of basic and digital composite features.

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  2. Notation Pad

    Notation PadAnother app that offers great features for music composing and available for iOS and Android devices. What makes it different from other apps is it can read and compose music. Also, you can write song lyrics and play the scores.

    In extension to the features, this app supports music XML format so that you can export your records quickly. also, it helps you to share or exchange your scores with other musicians.

    What’s more? Notation pad supports 100 plus music instruments that includes drums and guitar. It enables the user to record multiple voices so that there are no limits to your creativity.

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  3. BandLab

    BandLabWant to create music from scratch? give a shot at this brilliant app called bandLab. This music composer app is available on iOS and android both. Also, this music composer app stands in the top launchpad and music or audio editing apps.

    You can use this app to record, create and edit multi-track music with many creative musical effects. That includes loops, vocals, beats and a wide range of sound packs.

    Even though, if you are interested in preloaded sound packs then let me tell you this app, then this app has a great collection. What’s more? You can use this library without paying a Penny. If you are more into house, rock, dubstep and EDM then there is no better option than bandLab.

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  4. Music Maker JAM

    Music Maker JAMSearching for a feature-packed music composer app? If yes, Try music maker JAM available for iOS and Android devices. Whatever is your music level, you can switch to this app. With this app, you can mix tracks, create music, combine musical chunks, create beats and many more things you can do with this app.

    The best part is, it offers more than 100 music styles with an 8 channel music mixer. So that there are no limits to channel your creativity.

    Once you have finished your recording you can simply download it and share it across the world. As for the genre, this music composer supports EDM, Trap, Hip hop, jazz and a lot more. You can also use it as rap apps to create rap music on your smartphone.

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  5. Musicnote‪s

    MusicnotesNow you can take your music notes sheet and music library anywhere with this app. Musicnotes offers premium interactive sheets for music composing. Along with that, there is an interactive play mode to make your rehearsal more proper as well as to improve your performance.

    What’s more? This app has a transpose tool that enables the user to change keys easily. With just a click you can markup your music, or if you want quick access you can organise your music in different sets.

    Moreover, music notes allow the user to browse and shop from a large collection of more than 400000 arrangements.

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  6. Score Creator

    Score CreatorDo you like songwriting with musical notation? With score creator now you can create, edit or make sheet music. This single app allows you for songwriting, screenwriting and musical composition in one place. You can use it as a powerful songwriting app for music creation.

    The best part is, this app offers services no matter if you are a songwriter, musician or composer. Score creator offers a wide range of music symbols and notes such as slurs, key signature, time signature and time or duration.

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  7. Groovepad

    GroovepadLearning to become a Dj? Greevepad is an app that is made for people who love mixing and creating beats. Available for both iOS and Android platforms. With this music composer app, you can develop raw music by using rhythm and beats.

    However, this app doesn’t offer instruments, rather it has a large collection of editing tools and sound effects. In addition to this, you can create your musical piece by mixing rhythms, sounds and beats.

    Overall, if you are looking for a place where you can mix sounds and tracks and create new music then Groovepad is the right choice for you.

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  8. MuseScore

    MuseScoreGet more than a music composer for you with this multi-tasking app called musescore. It not only offers your music composing features but also, has features that might assist you in discovering music notes in any type of instrument you are using.

    It helps you with a lot of devices such as guitar, trumpet, piano, harmonica and many more. The impressive part of this app is, it enables you to browse from more than 1 million items from the free sheet of music which primarily consists of guitar, piano and other devices.

    In the long run, if you are looking for a music composing app where you can discover music notes from a large collection then musescore can be your perfect suit.

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  9. Flat

    FlatOne more great and simple to use the pp, flat app offers music notation editing. This music composer app is available for Android, iOS as well as web platforms. Along with that, it requires google chrome support because it is a PWA (Progressive Web App)

    This great music notation editor allows the users to create, playback, edit and export the sheet tabs and music. You can even print the music sheets with this app. If you want to collaborate in real-time with your friends by cross devices you can try this karaoke app.

    Along with that, It has features that enable you to write and read music notations as well as guitar tabs at the same time.

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  10. Songtree

    SongtreeWant to become a part of the worldwide community of professional musicians? If yes then songtree is a perfect app for you. With this music composer app, you can collaborate and create music with other musicians. This app offers a free music recording platform to its users.

    Moreover, if you want to record things like guitar, piano, rap songs, vocals or bass you can use songtree. The best part is you can create music from scratch or you can sing original songs with this app.

    So if you want to record songs, add effects or mix multiple tracks then songstress is the best app out there for this purpose.

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  11. Yousician

    YousicianWant to learn guitar, bass or ukulele? Yousician is a great music composer apps that offers you singing with more than 1000 songs. It also offers lessons and exercises to make your learning more effective

    More than this, you can learn how to play and become a pro of guitar, piano, bass and vocals. This app supports real instruments containing electric and acoustic instruments.

    You can use Yousician as your music tutor. What’s best? This app gives you instant feedback about your timings and accuracy, after listening to your play. The curriculum of this app is designed by professionals of music.

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  12. Cubasis

    CubasisA free music composer which is available for Android. Cubasis is a trial version of the official app. With this demo app, you can use a limited basis feature, everything is set in a 30-minute trial mode.

    Moreover, you can simply restart your demo mode whenever you like. Cubasis is a trial version app which is a compact version of the professional music studio app. Along with that you will experience the same looks and feel like the basis 3 app.

    With this music composer app, you can perform, mix tracks, record and share music with your android smartphone.

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