Top 15 Best Online Payment Apps For Android And iOS


There is no doubt new technologies making our day to day tasks easier. Online money payment is the best example of the same. However, it’s a major task to select the best money transfer and online payment apps for your business or day to day to payments.

In this post, I have listed the top 15 best online payment apps for android and ios. All of them offer faster, more convenient and secure money transfer worldwide. You can download any app for free and send or receive money from your family and friends across the world.

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So without wasting your time let’s quickly begin this list, with one of the best money transfer apps.

Online Payment Apps

Top 15 Best Online Payment Apps For Android And iOS

  1. PayPal

    PayPalWhen it comes to online payment and bill payments there is no doubt PayPal always provides the best services. With this online payment apps, you can easily transfer money without worrying about security. Paypal provides total protection to its users.

    Paypal recently added new features that will make your payments easier. With its new touch-free feature now you can pay bills by just scanning the QR code. Moreover, it offers instant spending notifications so that you will never miss any update. Plus, you can check your PayPal activity instantly, by just logging into your account.

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  2. Payoneer

    PayoneerManage all your business transactions at your fingertips with Payoneer. If you are looking for a cross border online payment app then this app is worth a try. The main aim of developers is to streamline global commerce. This will help the business to go beyond the limits.

    Because of this thinking, this platform attracted more than millions of professionals. You can use this app to make day to day business payments easily. This platform allows you to receive your payments from clients located across the globe.

    With this app, you can receive payments in popular currencies such as GBP, JPY, USD, AUD and many more.

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  3. Skrill

    SkrillOne app with multiple features, skrill can be used for paying bills or sending money to your friends and relatives. You can even pay online and set reminder for your bill payment with this bill reminder app. Skrill also allows the users to send payments to international merchants. With this platform, you can send or receive payments from more than 200 countries in 40 global currencies.

    what’s more? It offers new bonuses and deals each month. So that you can transfer money easily in various countries like India, Thailand, Kenya etc. You can add money to your account by using your credit card or debit card or else you can use any local payment methods to do so.

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  4. USEND

    USENDUSEND app offers you a platform where you can send money abroad quickly and effectively. With this online payment apps, you can manage all your global financial payments securely. In just 5 minutes you can create your used global account without paying anything.

    USEND app allows the user to send funds to more than 50 countries all over the world. With this app, you can manage your payments in multiple currencies. What I like the most is, you can send money to other used global accounts for free.

    Moreover, You can apply for a physical debit card if you wish to make purchases and withdrawals in local currency.

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  5. Google Pay

    Google PayNow you can transfer money with the security of Google. This is an Android mobile app that is now preloaded on every android smartphone. Many retail stores accept payments with google pay. So you can easily make payments at KFC, Nike, Chick-Fil-A, Bloomingdale’s and many more stores.

    Along with that, this online payment app supports a large number of credit cards issued from several providers such as Citi, Chase, American Express and discover.

    Google pay offers gift cards and free coupons to its users after making payments with it.

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  6. Paysend

    PaysendSave your money by paying a low flat fee on your online transactions. Paysend allows you to send money to more than 90 countries. If you want to make your international fund transfer simple, quick and cost-effective then payment is a great option out there.

    In just a few minutes you can create your paysend account. To send money just select the ‘send’ option and your money will be sent. With this app, you can send or receive money worldwide with a low transaction fee.

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  7. TransferGo

    TransferGoAnother great app that offers you online money transfer at a cheap transaction fee. TransferGo is one of the super fast and easy to use online money transfer apps. You can use this app to send or receive money in just 30 minutes across the world.

    Moreover, this is a safe and secure platform so that you don’t need to worry about any fraud. TransferGo app uses a digital account to account for business models. Currently, this app is offering money transfer services for more than 53 countries and allows fund transactions in 29 currencies.

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  8. InstaReM

    InstaReMMake quick payments with this great money transfer app. InstaReM app offers a bonus to its users after making their first payment with this app. Also, it has easy signup and quicker remittance features that attract users the most.

    If you think money transfer around the world is a time-consuming task for you then you must try this app once. It offers you a cost-effective and easier platform to send money worldwide. I appreciate the zero margin FX rates this app offers.

    So now you can send money at a low cost as compared to other traditional fund transfers options.

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  9. Ria Money Transfer

    RiaAnother latest app that offers a quick, secure and simple to use platform for online money transfers. Ria money transfer app allows the users to send or receive money to more than 369000 locations with ease.

    It has a mobile-friendly design that gives a seamless experience to its users. For more convenience, this app gives the best exchange rates. This app can be used for making payments directly to the bank. Home delivery and cash are also remarkable services of this app.

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  10. Sendwave

    SendwaveWant to send money comfortably from Europe and North America to Asia and Africa. Sendwave transfers money from the UK, US, Italy, France and Spain to Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Bangladesh and many more countries.

    With this app, you can send money worldwide as quickly as you send a text message. To provide the best security sendwave uses industry-standard 128-bit encryption technology.

    For any personalized assistance you can contact the support team which is available 24/7.

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  11. Cash App

    Cash AppA great online money payment platform that offers bitcoin, banking, stocks and P2P services. With a single app, you can send, receive, invest and even save your money. Cash app is a fast, safe and free online banking app.

    This app provides many banking services that are essential for day to day use. As this app offers complete safety, you can secure all your payments with a passcode. Moreover, there is a faceID and touchID feature for investment security.

    What you need to do is just sign up and make your first online payment instantly.

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  12. Azimo

    AzimoSave your money with each money transfer abroad with the Azimo app. It gives instant international transfer services. With the Azimo app, you can. make a faster and more convenient payment globally. If you want to get rid of the high charges of street providers for abroad payments then try the Azimo app.

    This student app has more than two millions users, you can send funds directly to the bank. It has cash pick up locations as well as mobile wallet options. Azimo allows the users to send money directly to the home in more than 200 countries.

    Along with that, it offers the first two money transfers for free as a bonus to the new users.

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  13. PaySii

    PaySiiEase out the remittance with the paySii money transfer app. The developers aim to provide the best class user experience in every payment. This free online payment apps offers an affordable, secure and quick platform for worldwide money transfer. It supports MMTs to deliver your funds super fast.

    You can also use this app for airtime top-ups globally. Moreover, if you want to make cash payment instantly you can use this app for it.

    To send money you just need to select the country where you want to send money. Then enter the amount, confirm the offer. Now enter the recipient name and that’s all.

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  14. Xoom

    XoomThe next app on my list is xoom. With this fun app, you can reload phones, send money securely with ease. Also, you can pay bills across the world. If your family or friends are living abroad, and you want to send them funds quickly then xoom app is just for you.

    For direct money transfers to bank accounts, xoom app offers more secure and faster ways. It has cash pickup locations available abroad. It can be used for paying utility bills and even top up phones in other countries with your mobile device.

    So help your friends and family by paying money to them in just a minute with the Xoom app.

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  15. Pangea

    PangeaWant to send money abroad in just a few seconds? Download the Pangea online payment apps and send money Internationally within a second. This money transfer app has thousands of trusted users. Business professionals loved this app because it is secure, fast and convenient for all types of fund transfer.

    However, this app is built for US citizens, they can send money to Mexico and various countries that include Asia and Latin America. This app can be used for transferring money directly to bank accounts. Pangea is a great app to pay international bills, also it has a feature that schedules automatic transfer which is remarkable.

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