Top 12 Random Number Generator Apps For Android And iOS


Random number generator apps are most of the wonderful apps that allow you to generate the numbers of your choice. As you can make the numbers using different things such as dice, lotto, lottery number, and many more.

As I acquired various apps and I found these apps are too good. I can make any number or, could able to shuffle it. Easily give value to the numbers. Also, it consists of various games which I can able to play individually or with my friends as well.

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Although, you can use any of the apps and access them to generate your numbers. Just download the app for free and its interface is simple to use. You can go for its subscription part that will give you other best elements.

If you are thinking to generate any random number on your smartphone then you must have a random number generator app. There are a great number of apps available which can be used to generate random numbers. Here in this article, we are listing the best 12 from them so that you can simply use and generate numbers.

Random Number Generator Apps

Best 12 Random Number Generator Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Random Number Suite

    Random Number SuiteIt is one of the best apps for generating numbers and you can use this app freely. As you will be able to generate the numbers in different modes. It includes lottery, wheel types of modes where you can make any random numbers. Also, you will be able to change the mode of the game anytime.

    It also provides an option to quit anytime so you will exit the game if you don’t want to continue. The app is completely free and you can able to play with your friends or family anytime. Although it consists of rewards which you can able to go for it after winning the game.

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  2. Lottery Numbers Generator

    Lottery Numbers Generator

    Lottery number generator is another brilliant random number generator app where you have to form the lottery ball to execute the game. Then you are able to generate the number and earn the various jackpots. It has other features which you can access its different machines such as slots and drawing.

    As it has some lucky or winning number you can select. With the help of a QR code, you can able to examine the lottery number. You can also use the 3d camera apps for scanning the lottery QR code. However, you can modify the numbers according to your preference such as you can delete it, save it, select the preferred number of your choice.

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  3. Dice Roller

    Dice Roller

    Dice Roller is one of the fantastic apps where you could able to roll the dice into different actions virtually. As you explore for the dice so that you can roll them. You can able to roll it on your device.

    As also it has a pro version that you can buy and can able to access its features. If you don’t like its updating version you can able to cancel it anytime.

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  4. Certified True Randomizers

    Certified True Randomizers

    Certified true randomized is a unique app that allows you to create numbers with different things. As it has different types of coins you can use for flipping, it includes all types of coins till this period. It has dice where you can roll it and generate a number.

    Although it has many ways to generate the number as like lottery quick, shuffling the numbering cards, and many more. You can freely use the app without any ads. It would be a really enjoyable and fun app which you can play in your free time.

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  5. Random Number Generator

    Random Number Generator

    Random number generator allow you to make any type of number of your choice. You can easily generate mini, big, points numbers anytime on your smartphone. Make your list and can able to give random value to it.

    As if you making the list you can able to give a different name to your list. It has a dice roller which you can use to generate other numbers. Although you can able to download the app for free and can use it smoothly with its amazing features.

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  6. Pretty Random

    Pretty Random - Random Number

    Pretty random is one of the beautiful random number generator apps that allows you to generate the number in a very simple manner. As you will enjoy while you accessing it. Its interface is so adoring that your interest increase automatically.

    At the same time, it has different rotating gradients which looks more bewildering while you are using the app. Although you can choose numbers through different patterns such as lottery, dice, lotto, and many more.

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  7. Counter


    The counter is a kind of tally counter which you can use in your devices for other purposes. It doesn’t require any ads, you can able to use the app without any disturbance. Also, it will not take permission from you to accept it. You can also use it as puzzle game apps to play puzzle games on your smartphone.

    Although you will be able to change the value by using the volume keys. However, you can see its new feature to translate the language as per your preference. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to get a history of counters with multi counter mode option.

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  8. Random Dice

    Random Dice: PvP Defense

    Are you looking for an app to generate a new number of your choices? So here random dice is one of the finest apps where you can roll the dice and you can get the number. You can able to empower your team by using this random number generator apps.

    You have to collaborate and make the level up from your opposite team. All matches and battles will be played in an actual time. As you can able to play the game as an individual or can able to play it in a different style such as TFT. Although it has numerous levels and rewards for the winners.

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  9. Randomizer

    Randomizer - Random Picker

    Randomizer is an app where you can generate your number and can able to make a list of the random numbers you are chosen already. You can easily choose the random numbers at a minimum or maximum value.

    It also allows you to choose any random color and can make it a separate list. Along with these you can also pick any value from your custom list and make a separate group from a list. You will be able to take the values in a repetitive time and add different values easily.

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  10. Dice With Buddies

    Dice With Buddies™ - The Fun Social Dice Game

    Dice with buddies is another amazing multiplayer game app that allows you to play games with your friends and family and spend a happy time together. Here you will get a limited chance to win the game, just you have to always focus on the score. As scores are much more important than winning the game.

    It has poker dice also which make the game more amazing and endearing. You get many rewards so every time you have to make your level up. Although you can play the game in multiplayer mode also to make the game more interesting. You can also play with your social friends through online mode. It also provides an option to personalize the dice as per your convenience and interest.

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  11. Click Counter

    Click Counter

    Click counter is one of my favorite random number generator app where I could able to count things in real-time. As I count sheep, people and other things as well. I can able to increase or decrease the number. As also you can use the volume button to make the screen up and down.

    It will count the things multiple times. It is perfectly free where you didn’t get any annoying ads while using this app on your smartphone. Along with these, it has also an option that allows you to personalize it according to your preferences. It does not include any permissions and rules to use this app.

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  12. Random

    Random: All Things Generator

    Random is one of the great random number generator apps to generate numbers in different ways such as dice, gambling, letters, coins, and many more. You can generate a random number or letter easily according to your mind.

    At a time you can roll the dice as well as flip the coin to generate random numbers. It is a very simple and intuitive app where you will be able to generate unique numbers every time. One of the best features of this app is to provide a sync option to get access to your data from all your devices.

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