Top 10 Relaxing Apps For Android & iOS


Stress and anxiety are the two biggest enemies to human health. Nowadays multiple people are suffering from sleepless nights which not only affects their body but also their social and professional life. A frantic pace of life can make us fall ill both mentally and physically, thus it becomes necessary to face the problem and find a solution before it becomes harmful. If you need a rest to your mind then you must have to use relaxing apps on your smartphone.

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Thus we need to create our own space and find some way to relax our mind & body. This need has been a driving force for multiple technologies, like physical devices and apps. Thus we have sorted out the top 10 relaxing apps for android & iOS which will help you to relax and calm yourself.

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Here we show you top applications or apps for Android & iOS to relax in different ways, from meditations to breathing techniques or the use of sounds to either reduce the level of tension or even help you sleep.

top Relaxing Apps

Top 10 Relaxing Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Plum Village

    Plum VillageThe app was developed by the Center for Applied Ethics and has 4.9/5 stars on the play store with similar ratings on the App store also. This fitness app contains 50+ guided meditation courses taught by a famous Zen Buddhist Master. It help you to soothe your anxiety and gain happiness and mindfulness. This relaxing apps allows you to download talks and meditation courses on your device and practice them offline. It is completely free to download and all the features are free and don’t contain any Ads. Use the link provided below to download the app and start meditation.

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  2. Calm

    CalmAs its name suggests, Calm is an app that offers meditations that, in this case, have the objective of relaxing the mind and getting the user to disconnect from all the external “noise”. Reduce stress, disconnect the mind, sleep better, increase psychological well-being, prevent anxiety, and helps you to control your blood pressure using blood pressure app option. These are the main benefits offered by this application that is available in both Android & iOS and that, although it has a one-week free version, and then it works per monthly subscription. In one of the most recent updates, the app now includes a set of mindfulness songs to help you relax when you need it.

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  3. Atmosphere

    AtmosphereThe app has one of the best audio libraries with a wide variety of collections ranging from forest to underwater. It was developed by Peak Pocket Studios and has a 4.8/5 stars rating on Play Store. The app also contains Binaural and isochronic tones which help the mind to calm down and help the human body to connect its soul to the mind. It allows you to mix and save your favorite sounds. For example if someone likes beaches and cafes they can upload the white noise of the café and mix it with beach audio. The sound quality available on the app is extremely good and doesn’t feel artificial and mushy. Plus the interface of the app is designed in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the user’s eyes.

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  4. Headspace

    HeadspaceThis is the best-known meditation app in the world. Headspace is considered a meditation app for modern life. All the meditations created by an English Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe. The app allows you to do 10-minute guided sessions and the free version. This app is available in English so you can easily use this health coach app on your smartphone. It provides daily meditation on a new topic each day so that you can get them for free. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to 2-3 minute mini-meditations to reset your mind in quick time.

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  5. Breathe

    BreatheThe app was developed by Havbee. It helps people with anxiety issues to calm their nerves and relax their bodies. It contains three types of breathing exercises, Equal Breathing, Box Breathing, and 4-7-8 breathing each having its own purpose. One can use these 3 types of exercises and make their own custom breathing pattern that suits them the most. Other features include Breath Holding test, timely reminders, guided cues, natural sounds, and vibrating feedback. You can also use it as breathing app which is completely free and also provides valuable insights. It help the users to improve their breathing and relax their body.

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  6. Meditation & Relaxing Music

    Meditation & Relaxation MusicAs the name suggests the app contains multiple relaxing sounds or audios which help the user calm, meditate or fall to sleep. The app was developed by Ipnos Solution and has 4.6 stars rating on Play Store with similar ratings on App Store also. It contains multiple natural audios like rain, wind, white noise, summer birds. This feature soothe your brain and help you to improve your concentration level. This relaxing app also has features like customizable duration of the session and save the sounds of your favorite. Plus the app works offline so even bad internet cannot hamper your relax time.

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  7. Zen

    ZenIf you would like to experience meditation for the first time, Zen is a good option. It offers 21 guided meditation programs, with short and light audios, to facilitate the integration of this area into your daily routine. The application is divided into different sections. Along with these you can listen to some sounds of nature, piano melodies, ASMR, among others. This feature of this relaxing apps help you to relax any time.

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  8. The Mindfulness App

    The Mindfulness AppThis app was developed by MindApps and has 1,000,000+ downloads on Play Store. The app contains around 300+ well-designed and guided meditation sessions and courses from yoga experts. No matter you are a complete beginner or experienced practitioner the yoga app has a course for everyone that too in 10 different languages.

    Not only courses the app also provides the user personalized insights and reminders which help them to maintain consistency. The app gives the users 7 day trial period which they can experiences and access all the content available. After that you have to pay for it’s subscription charges to enjoy it’s service.

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  9. 7Mind

    7MindUnlike any other meditation app, the 7mind not only contains recorded sounds but contains well-planned teaching cues and instructions which allow beginners to start the meditation systematically and regularly. It is regarded as the best meditating app in Germany and has features like a progress tracker, personalized coach dialogue cues, complete offline access, video tutorials, and unguided sessions for experienced practitioners. The app gives a 7-day free trial period after which you have to subscribe with it’s charges.

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  10. Urban Yogi

    UrbanYogiAs the name suggests the app is built for the urban population who daily go through extreme stress, pressure and have restless nights of sleep. Like Offline meditation workshops, the app provides online coaching and courses designed and taught by world-renowned experts. The app lets you track your progress by providing you insightful analytics and keeps you motivated by videos of multiple motivational speakers. The app contains multiple libraries and one can opt for them as per their mood.

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