Top 12 Resource Management Games For Android And iOS


Resource management games apps for Android and iOS are among the most prominent applications since they allow you to build your own business and earn money. You can also construct your own cafe and buildings, as well as manage your town. It contains a variety of little games that you can play to pass the time.

It will also sharpen your thinking and increase your game-playing abilities. Personally, I used the majority of the apps and like them all. As I am able to strategize here, I will be able to handle my business intelligently.

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You can also download any of the apps on your phone and use them directly. However, you can download any of the apps and upgrade to the premium version to gain access to the app’s best features. However, in some games, you are the owner of your company and can run it according to your preferences and ideas.

Resource Management Games app

Best 12 Resource Management Games For Android And iOS

  1. Sports City Tycoon

    Sports City Tycoon: Idle Game

    Sports city tycoon is a fantastic resource management game for everybody who enjoys playing games. It would be a basic game, and after playing it for a while, you would become a master at it. You can play the game offline, you will have the opportunity to make money.

    Although you will need to upgrade your game stadium in order to better capture your seats. Furthermore, you may quickly organize your resources so that you can make the most of your earnings while simultaneously looking for fresh and appealing items. You can also select the athletes you require for your city, and you can watch the contests in real-time.

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  2. Food Truck Chef

    Food Truck Chef™ Cooking Games

    Food truck chef is a fantastic cooking game for anyone who enjoys cooking or eating. Here you can learn how to manage your time so that you can cook any type of excellent food on time. You can also use food delivery apps to check delivery time and location.

    As everything is in its appropriate place in the kitchen, you can quickly make dinner. You can even add finishing touches to your food after it’s been served. You can, however, unbolt the levels and obtain rewards after winning the game.

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  3. My Cafe

    My CafeMy cafe is a terrific resource management application that helps you to plan how to start your business and make money right now. The game is available both online and offline. You will be able to design and decorate your own fantasy café.

    You can personalize your café by selecting from a variety of styles and designs accessible in the app, which you will utilize to make your cafe appear gorgeous. Also, you can recommend a true line for your consumer based on your choices, making them feel drawn to your cafe. You may make the lines dramatic, romantic, and a variety of other things.

    You can meet your opponents in the game, but they will be playing against you. As a result, there are some levels where you must demonstrate that your café is the best. It also offers a variety of other features, such as the ability to prepare various coffee drinks and combine them to create something truly unique.

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  4. Smurfs’ Village

    Smurfs' VillageSmurfs Village is an exciting gaming app in which you are tasked with constructing a home for the smurfs’ family. You can play the game with the smurfs of your choice. As an alternative, you can opt for its upgrade version, which you must acquire at a low fee.

    You can improve the cultivation of your crops and the size of your village by doing so. You can also try its mini numerous games, which include a unique game pattern. However, share your experience on social media with your friends. It does not require an internet connection to play, and it may be done without one.

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  5. I, Viking

    I, Viking: Valhalla Medieval Battle Simulator

    I, Viking is a real-time battle game in which you enter the world of the Scandinavians. You may play this game with your pals and engage in battles with individuals from all around the world. You can play in multiplayer mode because you must devise the finest strategy to win the game.

    You’ll also be in charge of leading the players to victory in the levels. Despite the fact that the game is based on historical events. The conflict is so huge, and there are so many players on the battlefield, you must prepare your team with weaponry.

    It’s a mash-up of several game patterns that keep you entertained while you play games like action, fighting, and so on. Its sights and acoustics, on the other hand, are incredible, and you can choose the best heroes for your battle. It is divided into several tiers, each with a different set of objectives to do each day.

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  6. FarmVille 3

    FarmVille 3 - Animals

    Farmville 3 is another well-known resource management games that is available for both Android and iOS users. You can create your own farm and choose the baby animals you want to breed.

    As you must be the best farmer in the world, you must keep an eye out for various animals that provide you with essential farm products like milk and eggs. You can match or mate the animals according to your preferences in order to create a useful breed for your farm.

    Customize your farm to your liking; you can choose any design or style that appeals to you. You may also manage the farm according to the weather so that your crops flourish and are properly cultivated.

    Although you can expand your farm to the rest of the globe, it contains a number of events that you must activate. So all you have to do now is win the game and unlock the game’s additional great features.

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  7. Cartoon City 2

    Cartoon City 2 - Farm to Town. Build dream home

    Cartoon City 2 is a perplexing app in which you can construct buildings, decorate your home, and navigate the city. You can also produce crops such as wheat and rice near your township to ensure that you have enough food to survive.

    You can, however, create your own ideal city and customize it with exactly what you want to see. Additionally, create playgrounds where children may play and residents can meet new friends. Make routes and buildings with innovative designs to make your city distinct and different.

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  8. Megapolis


    Megapolis is a cute city-building game where you may create your own town and modify it to your liking. The resource management games is open to all ages, and there is no restriction on who can play it. You must make a better decision in order for your public to be pleased with you.

    At there you receive numerous things that will never make you bored so you can build bridges, enhance science technologies and many more like that. You might also see a building that looks just how it does in real life.

    You must construct the infrastructure in a more efficient manner so that residents may use it. Although, you must also construct weaponry for your army. Create your states and govern them wisely. To use the app, you must have an internet connection.

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  9. City Island 5

    City Island 5 - Tycoon Building Simulation Offline

    One of my favorite apps is City Island 5, where I can unlock charming islands and develop them into magnificent cities. You may also play the game offline. As in the last game, you must gather points, raise your level, and then decorate the structure you constructed for your inhabitants.

    After you’ve won the game, you’ll be able to receive various gifts and coins. Despite the fact that you can play a variety of games, you will have a great time. You can, however, design your own city or see how other people construct their cities and the techniques they employ to control their citizens.

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  10. Godus


    Godus is a perplexing resource management games app in which you are required to assume the role of a deity. You must rule the world in accordance with your preferences. As you may interact with the shape, modify its size, and observe it in real-time.

    You will be able to grow everything related to nature and will be able to accomplish the things that are necessary for nature to develop. Emotions, humanity, infrastructure, and what people want and need.

    As you have the ability to perform magic and quickly destroy anything. There are numerous surprises in this Minecraft app that you have seen. Despite the fact that you can command your followers and keep the reward for yourself.

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  11. Townsmen


    Townsmen is an appreciating game, as are most games played throughout the medieval age. You can play the game for free because there are no hidden costs. Also, you can establish chains of different products and set the routines that people follow in their daily lives. It can also be used as construction simulator games to start construction your own building with fun.

    You can also create an infinite number of towns and buildings based on your imagination. However, depending on the requirements for crop cultivation or production, add some weather influences. However, you can play several missions and add other things such as devastation such as fire, drought, and many more.

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  12. Ice Age Adventures

    Ice Age AdventuresManny, Sid, and Diego are three characters in the adoring game app Ice Age Adventure. They’re all portraying characters who are involved in various aspects of the game. You can play in a variety of environments, including snowy, winter, and summer.

    In this game you need to find the missing here, they’ll have to deal with anybody standing in their way. Small games are included to help you to save the animals. Every day, you are presented with new difficulties for which you must battle and succeed. You can give the characters alternative storylines. Although the pictures are in 3D, they are accompanied by animation that gives the entire environment a gorgeous appearance.

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