Top15 Best Road Trip Apps For Android And iOS


In this modern era, we got everything on our smartphone. As for the road trips now you don’t need to bring paper maps and other tools for the journey. All you need to do is just download a few road trip apps on the phone and you are ready for the trip. There are apps to find the maps for your next destination and to find hotels near you.

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In this post, I have listed the top 15 road trip apps. All of the apps are helpful for you, you can use them for finding the best routes for you or you can search for public toilets through the app.

So, let’s begin this list with a great app that helps you to find the best fares for fuel near you.

best Road Trip Apps

Top15 Best Road Trip Apps For Android And iOS

  1. GasBuddy

    GasBuddyOne of the most hectic tasks is to find gas on long trips. We all know the cheapest gas stations near our residence but what about finding cheap gas somewhere you have never visited. As you have to drive long ways on your road trips plus you are not familiar with any cheap gas station. At that time this GasBuddy app can help you a lot.

    What’s more? You can search for more than just a gas station such as you can ask for car wash, restaurant or bathroom services in this app.

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  2. BestParking

    BestParkingAs the name suggests what this app is all about. You can compare parking prices with the best parking app and save hundreds of dollars. This road trip app allows you to find the best prices and book parking near you. You can search for the best airport parking or find the best discounts on parking through this app.

    To book a parking spot just enter the parking spot where you want it, now you need to enter the address of your desired destination, you can also add a landmark name and it will show you the available spots near you.

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  3. Waze

    WazeNothing is worse than blocked roads and connections on long trips. We all try to avoid these things but how? So, the Waze app is made for people who want to avoid police, accidents, blocked roads and other time-consuming barriers during your driving. Moreover, these hazards become a major mood killer.

    Waze offers a speedometer that helps you to remain within the speed limits while you are driving. Also, it has a live traffic data feature to update your arrival time. It is location based apps so you can also use fake GPS apps to change your current location.

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  4. Hopper

    HopperLooking for a flight or want to compare airfare and hotel prices with your fingertips? Hopper is the most popular travel app that is specially designed for flights. It analyzes hotel prices(even for a day) as well as billions of airfare to provide you with helpful data. It does that through its inbuilt historical data.

    You can use Hopper to avoid delays in flight booking. To start, just enter your destination, you will see a colour coded calendar that provides you with the cheapest or most expensive dates to book the flight for your trip. Also, it will recommend to you whether you should buy the ticket or wait until the prices get low.

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  5. Drive Weather

    Drive WeatherDid you face a sudden change in weather that ruined your trip? Now you don’t worry about that. Drive weather is a great road trip apps that helps you to avoid nasty and vision-obscuring storms while you are driving on a highway with your loved ones.

    The major focus of this app is to help road trippers to avoid the en changes in weather conditions. Drive weather app offers radar views, best departure time and routes from one place to another. Also, it has icons to indicate rain, snow and ice. You can try a free version of this app to experience excellent features.

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  6. KAYAK

    KAYAKWhat makes kayak distinctive from other road trip apps in this list is, it analyses the best fares from various airlines. This app offers you lots of filters to book a flight, it can be based on departure time, airline preference and more. You can also easily change your destinations and dates.

    Moreover, you can search for car rentals and hotels by using this app after booking your flight. Also, this app is available for google play and iOS platforms. To keep updates of your flights, airport terminals and even security wait times with Kayak app.

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  7. TripIt

    TripItOrganize all the itineraries with a single app called tripIt. You can download it from your ios or Android device. With this app, you can get a master doc for your trip with just a confirmation email plan. Along with that, you don’t need any internet connection to access the itinerary anytime or anywhere.

    If you want to boost your organizing power then you can go for tripit pro which comes with a plan of $49 a year. The premium service includes refund notifications, real-time flight alerts or you can track your reward points with the pro version. Along with that, it offers you a currency converter and many more services.

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  8. Airbnb‪b

    AirbnbAirbnb is a perfect app if you want to rent a room or a house. You can use this road trip app to search for accommodations in your trip destination. However, this is a free app that is available for iTunes and google play. With Airbnb, you can filter options by reviews and photos.

    Moreover, it allows you to sort by amenities such as a washing machine and pool. Plus, it gives you insight into the dining spots that are famous in your desired location.

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  9. Roadtrippers

    RoadtrippersYou may have heard about toad tripper com which is the fastest growing website for trip planning. Roadtrippers is a companion app to this website, it offers maps for travellers. With this road trip apps, you can plan long road trips with your closed ones or you can find places nearby you have never visited yet.

    Also, the Roadtrippers app allows you to explore millions of places such as scenic points, local diners, hotels and even national parks. You should try its pre-made trip guides to have fun on interesting routes.

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  10. HotelTonight

    HotelTonightAfter booking the flights or reaching the destination the next most important task is to find the hotel to sleep at night. Hotel Tonight is a great app that helps you to figure out the best hotel whether you want to take a rest in the middle of your trip or to sleep at night.

    With this app, you can find last minute deals based on your budget, ranging from luxury to basic or you can choose unique boutique hotels. Moreover, HotelTonight enables you to filter for dates, locations, pet friendly, number of members and many more.

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  11. HOUND

    HOUNDLet’s find the best places near you with a lightning-fast voice assistant. Hound is a great app that allows you to search with your voice commands. It allows you to search for your natural voice. It is perfect artificial intelligence app which provide voice search option to android and iOS users.

    In short, you can search for restaurants by talking like “ok hound, what are the best Italian restaurants available near me?” And that’s it, you will see the response in just a few seconds. You can filter the search results by ratings, distance and lots more.

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  12. PackPoint

    PackPointHave you ever forgotten to pack the most essential thing and release it on your trip? We all must have faced this situation once in our life. Thanks to modern technology now you can manage your packing with an ultimate packing guide, pack point.

    This is a free road trip app and built for helping you to organize your packing list without forgetting any item. Also, you can avoid the packaging of unnecessary items. Because pack point app guides you on what to pack as per your destination, length of travel and based on the activities you have decided for your trip.

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  13. AllTrails

    AllTrailsAs you know that Maps are the most vital part of every road trip, AllTrails is an app that offers bike trails, hiking trail maps, backpacking and camping maps. With this app, you can discover biking, hiking and running trails all over the world with just your fingertips.

    There is a GPS activity tracker that allows you to run, hike or mountain bike ride safely. You can also download the offline maps and enjoy your trip even in no Internet zone. So make your next outdoor trip more adventurous with amazing trail maps.

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  14. Flush

    FlushAnother important task during the long trip is finding a restroom and public toilet. Flush is a great bathroom locator app that helps you to find a public toilet near you quickly. It is an easy to use app and has a slick design with great transitions and beautiful animations.

    With this app, you can find public toilets and restrooms easily. You can locate toilets near you across the world. Flush app has a database of more than 200,00 toilet around the world. What’s more? It has a quick directions button so that you easily reach the spot as quickly as possible. This app doesn’t require an internet connection to work.

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  15. Yelp

    YelpWant some information about the local businesses in your desired location. Yelp is an amazing app that lets you read reviews about businesses. This app has a database of over 100 million reviews and it is available for Android.

    You can search for a coffee shop nearby you or a pizzeria shop through this app. It acts as your local guide in your trip to find the best local places to eat, drink, shop and relax. Moreover, you can filter the results by distance, rating, neighbourhood and prices. The reviews are written by expert locals and a community of activists.

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