Best 12 Romance Games Apps For Android And iOS


In this technology era, everyone has a smartphone where they love to spend their time with different tasks. Most of us love to play games with multiple genres. Dating and romance are more popular ways to spend more time with new friends. If you want to stay connected with new friends and start a romance with them then you must have a perfect romance game apps on your smartphone. Using these apps you will be able to start a virtual romance with new friends around the world.

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Here in this article, we are listing the top 12 popular romance games apps for android and iOS. You can simply pick any of them and start virtual flirting with your new friend. These apps come with lots of different features and fun so that you can simply pick any of them according to their features and your use. Now let’s have a look at these romance game apps for your android and iOS device.

Best Romance Games Apps

Best 12 Romance Games Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Moments

    MomentsIn this app, while playing the character of the story or plot you will be able to create the moments with the characters and share them with loved ones. You will be free to choose any character and create a story of your choice where the end will be decided by you. You can create immense and breath-taking moments with your mate or a rivalry from your friends.

    The decision relies on you whether in different situations how you will choose to play and react. You have to be the problem solver and create memorable endings. The moments can be created with friends and family members of the play. You can also attend different parties and events and accordingly design your character.

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  2. Romance Club

    Romance ClubThis app consists of several good collections of stories which are of vampires, magic, crimes, romance, etc. You can choose to play your favorite character in the story and enjoy the whole play. It can be romantic which turns into horror or a choice where the enemy turns friends and then the loving guy.

    You can get connected with different girls and guys and choose to date them, make friends, or enemies. Your choices with the other characters will decide your destiny in the play and on what note it ends. You can test your fashion skills by giving different looks to your characters and designing their clothing and accessories. With this app, you can also get deep into a world of love and fantasy.

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  3. My Candy Love

    My Candy LoveThis is a 3 in one otome game app which consists of three otome games in one place. You can choose the one you want to play and get into the story. The otome present in it are the love life, sweet crush or the university life. You can also use it as a secret dating app where you can choose to date or flirt with the one you feel engaged and love.

    Being an episode game, they bring monthly regular new episodes so you never get bored and small events every month which will benefit you in getting rewards such as outfits. Your choices while playing will decide your relationship with the companion. It’s a free game to play and enjoy.

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  4. Love Tangle

    Love TangleThis is another great romance game apps that consist of stories and plots with their endings. It’s one of the dating apps which comes with music from the background. You will be getting different characters to play and end it with a proper note which includes romance, adventure crimes, etc.

    In the game, you will also be accompanied by small mini-games which will give rewards to enhance the power. You will also be entertained with small events which will help in increasing the intimacy level. It also consists of more than 3500 trending avatars which can be changed and customized as per your choices.

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  5. Mystic Messenger

    Mystic MessengerThis app is exclusively for females who just love to get deep into stories with deep and complex plots and diverse nature characters. You just need to download the app and enter it into a chat and messaging system. In the messaging bar, you get calls and chat from different attractive guys who play different character roles.

    It’s more than an otome game where you enjoy chats as hilarious and enjoyable and never get bored. The stories start with a chat where you will be planning meetings and associations and hence the game starts.

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  6. Choices

    ChoicesIt will be your choice on which heights you will reach in the game. In the app, you can choose to have a romance, solve crime scenes or get into an adventurous journey. You can pick from the collection of stories what you want to become and then enjoy playing it. Apart from it, you can also give a customized look to your character with cool hairstyles and dresses. The app gets updated daily with new stories. You can control what happens next by your smart commanding choices.

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  7. Episode

    EpisodeIf you love reading books and creating a story of your own then you can enjoy playing with this app. In the app, you can get into an immense world of adventure, mystery, romance, drama via different stories present in it. This app contains more than 150000 more stories where you can decide the character.

    You wish to play and choose the path of your part accordingly, rivalry, romance, and mystery will be created. If you love creating your own stories and living them then you can do it from this app. It will also help you to read others stories and get connected with them.

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  8. Romance Fate

    Romance FateIn this app, you can choose the fate of your romantic love story by getting into different novels. Your choices will lead your fate in the story and so decide your ahead path. You can be a part of exciting and thrilling love adventures and enjoy the role of the main character over there. The thrilling stories present in it are an obsession, forbidden air, love practice, the ballooner neighbor, etc.

    While using this app on your smartphone you will be free to choose the character and style it by your choice. In this app, you will enjoy the breathtaking experience and never-ending romance. Apart from these, you will be making friends with different characters.

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  9. Teenage Crush

    Teenage CrushThis is recommended app for girls who wish to have a crush at college. In the app, you can choose the different episodes of teenage crush and be the heroine characters of the story. You will be getting different hurdles on the path where your choices will lead your path in the play. It can also be used as a perfect virtual girlfriend apps to make new virtual girlfriends for more fun.

    You can also design and give a new look to your characters and be the diva of the game. Apart from these the app also helps you find the best guy to date and leave him if you don’t love him anymore. You can also help your BFF on the game to solve their problems and build good connections. This otome game will never let you be bored.

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  10. Passion Puzzle

    Passion PuzzleThis is an exciting romance games apps where you reach different levels and win by solving puzzles and dialogues. In the game, you will be the men character who will be chosen by different girls present in the game at the coastal area. You will be liked by them according to your looks and selfies are taken from them.

    You can also date them if they approve of you and can enjoy being in a relationship with the girls. Once you cross the first level of the puzzle you will be getting on board to the next level which continues there on to the next. Thus, it will be an exciting dating app with a pinch of games.

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  11. Love Island

    Love IslandThis romance game app will take you into the episodes of “love island” the famous reality show of the tv. Where you can go from episodes and deal with different characters and choose the one you want to date with and be a couple. You can make your character the most attractive character by giving diverse looks and dresses.

    It’s not permanent to date a single person. You can date different people, be it flirty, messy, romantic or mischief. You will be coming across different romantic challenges in the middle of episodes with the couples which you will choose. It consists of romance games more than 150 where you can end up by your choice. If the choice is not fulfilled then you can continue from the first episodes.

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  12. Eldarya

    EldaryaIf you love fantasy games that are full of magical creatures such as dragons, mermaids, vampires, etc then this app is for you. In the game, you will be experiencing an Otome romance game where you will encounter different characters who will help you move ahead in the game.

    Using this app you can create your own romance stories of your choice with the characters and experience adventure and magical companions. It can also be used as love story game to start your own love story. The customization of the looks can be done and sold in return getting exclusive rewards.

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