Top 10 Scrabble Games Apps For Android & iOS


Scrabble is a classic board game that multiple people like to play. You get letter blocks which you need to use and make anagrams on the board to win the game. A powerful vocabulary and a certain strategic acumen are the keys to victory. If you are looking to play on mobile, there are some great literary games available. Here are the top Scrabble games apps for Android & iOS.

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Scrabble game is one of the best way to train your brain and word power. In this game you will have to make more and more letters to win the game. There are a great number of scrabble games are available for android and iOS users. You can simply search them and install on your smartphone. You can easily start making words on board and score. In this article we are listing best 1o scrabble games for both android and iOS users. You can simply pick any of them and start playing scrabble game on your smartphone.

Scrabble Games Apps

Top 10 Scrabble Games Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Classic Words

    Classic WordsClassic Words is one of the simplest Scrabble games. However, it does offer a great Scrabble experience. It features a single-player game mode, pass-and-play local multiplayer, and score preview. It’s basically the mobile board game with no extras. Some other features include six difficulty levels, letter mixing, support for about half a dozen languages, and game save. You can also use it as logic game apps to play logical games on your android or iOS device. It’s free with ads. The pro version goes for Rs 420 and removes the ads.

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  2. Wordfeud

    WordfeudWordfeud is the easiest word game app available in the market. It has a base player of 30 million people, although we don’t know how many of them are active. It introduces different mechanics like randomizing different score tiles on the board. This app has unique features as online multiplayer, game chat, and more. This scrabble games apps is free with ads and Rs 399 for pro version which removes the ad. It’s a great paid Scrabble game. In this scrabble games apps you have to create and place words on the 15 by 15 tile board. After completing the game you will collect point for your next level.

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  3. Ruzzle

    RuzzleA distant cousin of Boggle and Scrabble, Ruzzle challenges lovers of word games, alone or with friends. Do you have two minutes in front of you? Ruzzle asks no more to put brains and fingers in a boil. The time for reflection is short, and the number of points depends on the number of combinations made in this period of time. As soon as an opponent is challenged, a grid of 16 letters appears, with which it is up to you to compose, in three rounds, as many words as possible.

    The finger rests on the first letter and maintains the pressure by browsing, in all directions, the characters that make up the word. When released, the word is validated or refused, depending on whether or not it appears in the dictionary. Twenty-six words found out of the 382 offered by the grid, against 56 for your opponent? Progress will come with diligent training, and nerves of steel. Available since 2012 in 14 languages, “And so addictive that it’s been 100,000 years that we play in total”, assure the designers.

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  4. Words With Friends 2

    Words With Friends 2Words With Friends 2 is the third game by the developers. No, that’s not a typo. This latest iteration includes multiple features like online multiplayer, solo play modes, an improved dictionary, and many other modes. You can also use it as board game apps to play best board games on your smartphone. When a player won a game they earn keys which unlocks multiple rewards later in the game. The game is frequently updated and after every 6 weeks, the theme is changed. It is one of the best in the market so don’t waste any more time and download the game by clicking on the button provided below.

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  5. Scrabble GO

    Scrabble GOScrabble GO is a great scrabble game apps developed by Scopely for android and iOS. It is most popular word game app available with both free as well as app to purchase option. You will also get option to play game with your Facebook friends and challenge them. Along with these you can also use it as chatting apps to start emoji chat with opponent. You can also personalize your game with custom tile for more fun. It comes with unique feature as duels which provide option to play online game with similar skill. Along with these it also has rush mode which is solo game. In this solo scrabble mode you have to score high against yourself.

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  6. Word Crack

    Word CrackAnother alternative scrabble game for both platforms is Word Crack. This game is also played like classic Scrabble, but what makes it unique is that the bonus squares on the board are placed differently. The game can also be played by both Android and iPhone users, allowing you to challenge your friends with non-Android devices. The app gives you a bonus when you use all 7 letters in the rack.

    If you have poor eyesight, the application allows you to zoom in on a chart through a simple double-tap gesture on the board. This is a completely free party game app. You can play multiple games at the same time and you can check out the game statistics after each game. There are multiple power-ups and a new mode guesses the word to improve your vocabulary.

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  7. Wordox

    WordoxWordox is a similar game to scrabble in which one can play against an opponent or solo to train. Unlike classic scrabble the word rack will contain 6 words only and the player needs to make words on a 9 X 9 game board. Each letter will reward you 1 point and the player who scores 25 points first wins the game.

    On winning the game-winner get chips as rewards. Don’t worry about first downloading the game each player gets a bonus of 5000 coins and there are daily rewards also. It is award winning two player game apps to play game with your friends. Plus there are leagues in which one moves up by winning the game and compete with others to become the master of words.

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  8. WordBrain

    WordBrainAs the name suggests it’s the game of brains. WordBrain is one of the best games to improve your vocabulary and become better with words. It is a combination of Scrabble and Crossword. It word puzzle game and suitable for all age audiences. You can also use it as couple game app to play game with your love partner. One needs to connect tiles and form logic words to complete the level and move ahead. As the game progress, it becomes more and more challenging but remembers one needs to remember that there are no unsolvable puzzles so don’t lose hope and there is always the option to take a little help from the hint light bulb at the side of the screen.

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  9. Word Life

    Word LifeWord life is another popular scrabble games apps for android and iOS users. It is a perfect crossword puzzle game app which provide brain game app. Using this app you can train your brain by solving popular brain games. It also has multiplayer game option where you will get extra challenging games to play. One of the best feature of this app is to provide beautiful background while playing games. This feature help you to feel calm, relax, and inspired. It provide daily challenges so that you can exercise your mind with new games. In this game there are three different game modes. You can easily choose any of them according to your interest.

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  10. Word Wiz

    Word WizWord wiz really helps you to become a wizard of words. It’s a word puzzle game that helps you to expand your vocabulary. It is developed by MobilityWare, which has made multiple titles like Spider Solitaire and Word Search. The game contains 10,000+ offline puzzles so that one can enjoy the game anywhere they want. The game gives you a choice between relaxing mode and challenging mode so that one can play according to their skill levels and improve slowly. The interface of this girl game app is pretty simple by just swiping the letters one can solve the puzzle. Along with that one can also collect golden words for bonus points. The game is available on both Android & iOS and is completely free to play.

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