Best 10 Skype Alternatives Apps For Android And iOS


Skype Alternatives for Android and iOS are some of the handiest apps for staying in touch with friends and family no matter where you are. You can hold a business meeting, interact with friends, or communicate with your family. You can make real-time audio or video calls using skype alternative apps.

I used most of the applications and all were being so fantastic. I can communicate with people from all around the world. Also could take participate in the meeting, and even most of the applications do not require any registration.

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You can also use any of the applications directly from your phone and can use its amazing features. It constantly adds new features, which you may use as well. Simply go to the app store and download the app.

Skype Alternatives Apps

Best 10 Skype Alternatives Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Hangouts


    Hangouts is the best app that is used to keep in touch with your colleagues or dear ones through voice or video calls. You can start messaging them and can do free video and voice calls. It includes all chats and you can make unlimited groups. You can show your emotions through status, sending emojis, animated gifs, and stickers.

    Using this app you can also place free group video calls to up to ten contacts in your list. Moreover, sync your all contacts with other devices that make you always in contact with your friends and relatives. Even if you are offline you can message anyone, anywhere by using this app.

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  2. Google Meet

    Google Meet

    Google meet is a famous app as everyone can access this app freely and securely connect to people all around the world. You can join a high-quality video meeting with different groups of up to 250 people. Easily host the vast meetings and can invite around two hundred fifty people through the link.

    You can also engage in the meeting and it would not interrupt anybody. As you can also ask different things such as ques/answers, polls, or raise their hand if you want to ask questions. Also through an easy process, you can share your screens, show presentations to your teachers or colleagues. Moreover, you can see real-time captions and can text anyone if you have something to ask.

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  3. Discord

    Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout

    Discord is an amazing app as here you can make video calls to your friends and communities. You can always connect with your dear ones and have great fun over video or voice calls, texts. Doesn’t matter you are part of a gaming group, school club, or any other community. This app will make an easy route for you to connect with people all around the globe.

    As discord servers are organized in particular topic-based channels that you can share, collaborate, or held different meetings or can do a video chat with your friends. It has a voice chat feature where you can directly connect to your friend over call or message.

    Also, you can communicate with your friends while you are playing games or taking a part in any competition. You can easily share memes with your friends to make the chats more interactive. It has another feature where you can take your photo and customize that photo into different emojis. Along with these it also provides an option to share emojis with your friends as well.

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  4. LINE

    LINE: Calls & Messages

    Line is a wonderful skype alternatives app as here people can communicate and finish their distance with their close ones. Through video or voice calls, a variety of emojis, and stickers, you can express your feelings to your dear ones that you never thought possible.

    This app will always provide you with new services and features that make your life easier and more convenient. It can also be used as anonymous chat apps to start chat with new friends. You can enjoy voice and video chats and can also send messages to your line friends.

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  5. Zoho Meeting

    Zoho Meeting - Online Meetings

    Zoho meeting is the finest app, where you can easily join or host a meeting with up to many participants and connect to the video, audio, or can share your slides. You can attend any webinars, can take part in different polls activities, or raise your hands for asking questions. Through the id link or id you can connect to the meeting conveniently.

    As the participants do not require any account for joining the meetings. You can collaborate with your team or friend would be in real-time and also easily share your screen with other people. If you are the host so at your side you can mute anyone to avoid disturbance. There is no need to worry about privacy, these online meetings are perfectly secure and safe. Moreover, you can share your files and can record the meeting so that if you missed you can watch it later.

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  6. GoToMeeting

    GoToMeeting – Video Conferencing & Online Meetings

    GoToMeeting is a fantastic skype alternatives for both android and iOS users. Using this app you can connect with people from anywhere all over the globe. Whether it’s a casual meeting or a business meeting it would important for you. There is no sign-up necessary so you can directly join the meeting after someone invites you or you can host the meeting on your devices.

    Also, you can sync your calendar to the app so that it will remind you for the scheduled meetings. You can easily place video calls or can share your screens all over the globe if requires in the meeting. This app will alert you when the meeting starts so that you never be late for your meetings. Moreover, you can do chats with anyone individually or in a group.

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  7. TeamViewer Meeting

    TeamViewer Meeting

    TeamViewer meeting is a popular app that always keeps you connected with your friends and family. You can organize VOIP calls or video conferencing calls and could share your screen with others anytime or anywhere. Along with these you can also use it as perfect duolingo alternative app to learn new languages after connect with new friends around the world.

    Download the app for free and start accessing it from today. You can lock the meeting for securing purposes and can create different passwords that make your meeting more safe. Although this app has AES 256 bit end-to-end encryption as well as optional two-factor authentication.

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  8. - Simple Meetings is an astonishing application where you always connected with your friends and relatives. It includes both video and audio conferences directly from your phone. You just need the internet so that you can hear or see anyone in actual time. After every discussion, you can see every detail you want to see. You just need to press one tap so that host will let you in and you can attend video or audio calls.

    If you live hundreds of miles away so no need to worry you can connect to anyone just enter the code of the meeting and you easily connect to the meeting. Although you can do chats with anyone in a group or individually. Moreover, you can lock the meeting for security purposes. It has a pro feature where you can make your link, add at least ten participants in the video conferencing, and many more.

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  9. Online Meeting Video Conferencing

    Online Meeting Video Conferencing

    At your fingertips, you can able to do video or audio conference calls from anywhere you want. You can enjoy all the features just using your mobiles. As you get HD video and audio quality, can share your screen with the other participants.

    There is no restriction for a time while you are in the meeting. You can also use video presentation apps to share presentation while meeting. Many participants could take part in meetings. The host can easily control the audio or attendees on their side. Also, you can attend meeting both offline and online.

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  10. VideoMeet

    VideoMeet - Audio/Video Conference & Webinar

    VideoMeet is one of a kind skype alternatives where it provides you the facility to make video calls or meet anywhere you want or prefer. Participants can join any meeting and it does not require any signup or registration.

    Host get some beneficial features at the time of meeting such as he can unmute anyone, disable the microphone of the participant, and others. This app will also allow you to organize the video conference with a customize specific room name. It is a popular app that can use by teachers, government employees, hospitals, groups of friends, and many more.

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