Top 10 Solitaire Game Apps For Android And iOS


Solitaire game apps for Android and iOS are among the most amazing and addictive games that people like to play. This type of game will kill your boredom while also sharpening and growing your intellect. You can play the game alone, but you can also play it with your friends.

I used all of the apps, and it was an incredible experience. If I’m alone, I can enjoy my time and entertain myself. All of the apps offer attractive graphics, backdrops, and themes that entice users to play.

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You can also download any of the apps to your mobile and push yourself every day with lots of challenges. It has a lot of competitions and challenges to keep you entertained. When you complete a level, you may track your progress and collect points.

best Solitaire Game Apps

Top 10 Solitaire Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Solitaire Master

    Solitaire Master-Classic Card

    The solitaire master classic card is the best original app. It also adds various beautiful artworks designs and different game functions. As it would allow you to access the beauty of the interface by using your brains. This app gives you an amazing gaming experience that has never happened in your life.

    There are rules in the solitaire game you have to follow and play the game. The operation of the game is smooth and you love to play again and again. Also, the card size is perfect and accurate where you can able to play it easily. Moreover, without an internet connection, you can play the game anytime or anywhere you want. There are numerous types of cards that you can play and customize the background of your preference.

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  2. FreeCell Solitaire

    FreeCell Solitaire

    Play the free cell solitaire game on both android and iOS. It is the best, most intuitive, and come up with a new goal where you have to reach. It also shows your score that’s a new feature in this app. Anytime you can start playing the game and win various titles after winning the level. It is full of challenges and levels that you have to complete.

    By just dragging, dropping, or tapping you can move your cards. Although tutorials will help to level up your Freecell game. From time to time it gives you hints and clues so that it would be easy for you to play your moves. Easily you can track your scores, earn different titles and rewards every day. For all pros and beginners, anyone gets addicted to this game, and it never makes you bored.

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  3. Solitaire TriPeaks

    Solitaire TriPeaks – Patience

    Solitaire Tripeaks is one of the wonderful solitaire game apps. As here you can train your mind and also can play the game for free. It consists of different puzzles game for you. By playing the game consistently you can make your mind smarter.

    You can play the game and it has unlimited levels which you can play interestingly. Some booster and wild cards are there that will assist you to win the game. Here you can make friends or a team and play against or with them as a competition. Try it now to earn more coins from your friends. Also, it has a friends center where friends will give you coins and you can easily collect them.

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  4. Solitaire Arena

    Solitaire Tripeaks-FarmJourney

    Solitaire Arena is another amazing app that will definitely kill your time and it’s assured that you never get bored by playing the game. The rule is so simple and the game is so easy that anyone could play. You can play the game with your friends or can search for real-time opponents all across the globe.

    Although you can experience the game with different solitaire, beautiful graphics, personalize card designs with the trendiest twist. It has also featured where you can compete with one on one challenges, magic wands, and many more.

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  5. Forty Thieves Solitaire

    Forty Thieves Solitaire

    Forty thieves solitaire is one of the famous solitaire game apps as you can play with two decks. It consumes lots of time, depends on your luck, and you must have better skills to win the game. Here your main goal is just to become ace to king.

    At a time you can allow moving one card only. You can easily fill the empty tabelous with cards. Moreover, there is a stockpile in the left corner, you just need to click it and pull up the new cards. By this, you can easily play the game wisely.

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  6. Magic Solitaire Card Games HD

    Magic Solitaire Card Games HD

    Magic solitaire is a fabulous solitaire game app and it is a collection of Klondike, pyramid, free cell, casual, and many more. You can mix with different types of elements to make the game more interesting. Easily you can check the progress of your winning scores or the score that you have to earn to go to the next level.

    Both kids and adults can play the games and it will addictive for you. You can play the game for free and also you can play the game internet or without the internet. The game is perfect in HD graphics and can control the game simply at your side. This game develops your patience that will help you to boost your interest in the small thing easily. With lots of challenges, you can increase your skill in this solitaire game.

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  7. Seven Seas Solitaire

    Seven Seas Solitaire

    Here is another solitaire best game that consists of many levels with lots of interesting challenges. You have to match the cards of your own choice and it has an amazing deck. Also, you can make the combos together and can achieve more gold as much as you can. With that coins, you can use them for your other upgrade level.

    Along the way, you can play the mini-games and can test your luck. However, you will earn various rewards by playing these games. All over this game is so addictive that you can never ever want to get out of it. It consists of many other captivating twists that make the game more bewildering. Once you start the game to play, your craving will increase to complete the further levels. It has many awards which you have to unlock and win it.

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  8. Solitaire Dragons

    Solitaire Dragons

    Solitaire dragon is the greatest solitaire playing game for you and it contains an astounding dragon theme. This game is amazing and it will help you to boost your brain by playing every day. It will take you to the medieval period where you will play the adventurous game with a witch.

    You can make a paradise by collecting the different dragons and can see different creatures in this world. Every day you get plenty of challenges that you have to face and complete to go to the next level. Although you can share your experience with your friends and can play along with them. In this, you can train and develop your mind.

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  9. Solitaire Collection

    Solitaire Collection

    The Solitaire Collection is one of the sensational solitaire game apps, As it includes different puzzles which you have to solve by using different strategies. You can start playing the game with beautiful backgrounds, moderate sounds, and themes that make your mood happy. Every day you get five challenges and you have to solve them to go to the next level.

    By playing games you can earn points and achievements that make you always motivated. You can bookmark your favorite puzzle so that you can play it later. Although it makes your mind sharp and you can start playing the game by using your own mind. You can sign up for the app with your Microsoft account. Also, you can play the game on multiple devices as well.

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  10. Fairway Solitaire Blast

    Fairway Solitaire Blast

    Fairway solitaire blast is unique solitaire game apps that can use by both android and iOS users. This app is free and you get fun when you start picking the card quickly. When you win the game you get rewards. All the time it will give you different challenges to take a test of your mind. It also conducts many tournaments to make the game tougher for you.

    It concludes many levels that you can play all the time. As you never get tired of playing the game, you get so addicted to the app. Whenever you connect to Facebook it will show you the scores to you and your friends. As a result, you can save your progress so that if your access the game on the other device you can play the game.

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