Top 10 Songwriting Apps For Android And iOS


If you love music and ever think about songwriting but not possible due to lack of resources. Songwriting app is a perfect way which help you easily start writing song lyrics on your smartphone. Nowadays, there are many songwriting apps available for both the Android and the iOS device users to help them generate ideas, saving, recording and sharing their creativity in the most effective manner possible. In this article we are going to discuss about some of the best songwriting apps available for both android and iOS users. These are handy and easy to use apps which are useful who decide to star writing song lyrics.

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When you are road it is not possible to grab your notepad to start writing song lyrics. In that case songwriting app will be perfect way where you can easily start writing song lyrics. There are great number of songwrting apps available for android and iOS users. These apps are available in legal way so that you can easily use them for free. In this article we are listing top 10 popular songwriting apps for android and iOS users. You can simply pick anyone from them and start songwriting with lots of new features.

Songwriting Apps

Top 10 Songwriting Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Songwriter’s Pad

    Songwriter’s PadIf you are a songwriter, then is app has got everything that you need such as the rhyming dictionary with the inbuilt search option, dictionary, chord notation, note adding feature like copyright date, tempo info, author name and the cloud sync feature which will enable you to back up your creativity. Another benefit of this app is that once you have prepared the lyrics by combining the words generated according to your mood, you can record the same vocally just my clicking on the “tap” button in the Audio Player. After record audio you can also use audio editing apps to edit an audio.

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  2. Genius

    GeniusThis app is suitable for all the music lovers who want to gain musical knowledge because in it, one can find annotated lyrics of more than 1.7 million songs and the contents are verified from the artists and the producers. One of the best feature of this app is to provide option to calligraphy apps where you can easily write song in different font styles. You won’t be disappointed to be a part of the genius community as it is of much fun. Along with these you can get lyrics of the song that you are playing just by holding the soundwave button.

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  3. Lyric Notepad

    Lyric NotepadLyric Notepad is very well received by the song writers, rappers, poets and lyricists as it continuously keep a track of our rhyme and helps in getting new words for the lyrics along with providing the notes adding and lyrics recording features. The syllable counter will record the syllables in every single line of the lyric and the measure mode feature will break the entire lyric into small parts which is very helpful during lyric recitation.

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  4. Songspace

    SongspaceThis is a wonderful app trusted and used by a large number of professional artists, management teams, publishers and lyricists because of the special features that is offers such as the offline playback, song page and playlists sharing, recording and backing up tracks and voice memos, catalogue sharing to find a particular track or any song, easy creation and management of lyrics playlist, data access facility from any place and song sharing directly to the collaborators and publishers.

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  5. Rhyme Time

    Rhyme TimeRhyme Time is very helpful for the lyricists, poets and speech writers as it contains the rhyming dictionary with more than 1,00,000 words with the meanings and correct pronunciations included in it which eases the work of the writers to a great extent. You would not miss a rhyme and it will enable you to use the pronunciation playback feature along with which it will also provide you a notepad in which you can save your poems, songs and speech.

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  6. BandLab

    BandLabBandLab is a popular app in both the Google Play Store and the App Store with millions of users who can easily import any track or create one of its own and share it directly with new friends, artists and collaborators using the social networking features. This app has got many other benefits such as the looper, over 200 virtual MIDI instruments, 12 track mix editor, tuner and metronome, built-in equalizer and a large number of tracks with the help of which you can create mashups of your own and share the same in the community of other creators directly.

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  7. BeatStars

    BeatStarsIf you are a beatmaker, songwriter, producer or a recording artist searching for a perfect platform for streaming and beat leasing, then I would highly recommend you to use this app. In this app you can find unlimited beats of different categories such as Afrobeats, Trap Beats, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Pop and many others which you can directly download into your folder for free, create a playlist of your most liked tracks, use the lyric pad to write the lyrics, search for rhymes and it will also provide you the option to follow all your favourite BeatStars and get notified about their new releases in real time.

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  8. Tully

    TullyTully is perfect app for all those recording artists and songwriters. If you are searching for a decent app to write, record and play song ideas this can be perfect one. It also enables the artist so share their creativity with engineer before going for studio sessions and it also allows them to get access to their audio file, recorded ideas and the lyric sheet instantly.

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  9. Songtive

    SongtiveSongtive is suitable songwriting apps for every creator who is willing to have an interface. In this app you can easily manage splits and lyrics, save and share your creativity. Along with these it also provide option to keep a track of song info, collaborate in virtual song rooms. It makes the work easy not only for the songwriters but also for the producers as they can store all tracks, lyrics and any other song information from anywhere. You can also access them as and when required in the smartest way possible.

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  10. Score Creator

    Score CreatorScore Creator is an excellent app designed for the purpose of musical composition, scorewriter and songwriting; which will provide you important music editing tools and everything else that you need for writing music. You can use this app for several purposes such as writing chord symbols, writing music score. Along with these you can also start making sheet music, writing lyrics, transposing songs into any key you want. It also provide exporting songs into PDF, MIDI or MusicXML files. It has got other editing features too, like undo and redo, copy and paste, multiple selecting notes and many others.

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So, these are some of the best songwriting apps available for you and each of these apps can help you to a great extent.


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