Top 10 Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS


Want to read books but don’t have so much time? Well, if your answer to this question is yes then you landed in the right space. As you know today there are apps for your every need. Speed reading apps are available today on the internet. If you are a slow reader then you should once give a try to reader apps.

With the speed reading app, you can boost your reading speed even without sacrificing your reading compression. Also, this app allows you to share your content or you can download some of your favorite content.

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Speed reading apps are a perfect way to learn something new using your smartphone. There are a great collection of speed reading apps for android and iOS users. You can simply get them for your respective device.

As we all wants some best, easy to use and handy apps so in this article we are listing top 10 best speed reading apps for android and iOS users. You can simply pick any of them and start reading books fast. Few apps from this list allow you to track your progress.
Below I have listed the top 10 speed reading to improve your reading speed.

Speed Reading Apps

Top 10 Speed Reading Apps For Android And iOS

  1. ReadMe!

    ReadMeAnother best e-reader app, that allows the user to sync and store his favourite e-reading book on an Android or iOS device. You will get two useful speed reading tools with this app, that is spritz and BeeLine reader.

    BeeLine helps you to increase your reading speed by offering colour gradients on each line of your text so that you will get a colour-coded approach for the faster reading experience. With this colour gradient technique, this app guides your eyes to read lines in a way to ease your eyestrain.

    On the other hand, the spritz tool is designed to minimize your eye movement. With this, you can read words at a specific WPM rate. The developers claim that this tool will help the user to increase his speed up to 1000 words at a minute.

    So download this app now for free! You can unlock its premium Features by paying a subscription, which costs monthly $2.99, yearly $29.99 and $99.99 for a lifetime.

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  2. Spreeder

    SpreederWho doesn’t want 3X speed in reading? Spreeder offers you state of the art reading software which helps you to read faster. It also gives you expert training tips and lots more features. You can easily increase your reading speed with this app. This app allows you to customise your reading speed, and it will get faster gradually after some time.

    You can use reading materials, you can upload your web links or files here, even it allows you to use the spreeder cloud library for reading public texts.

    Spreeder app is free to use and download and also use as spreadsheet apps to open spreadsheet. To access the advanced training and guided courses you will need to buy an upgrade that costs $4.99 to $19.99.

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  3. Readsy

    ReadsyWant a web-based or streamlined approach for your speed reading? Without wasting your time you can just navigate this app on your mobile web browser and start reading instantly. You don’t waste your time in signing up or downloading the app.

    Similar to readme! App this app also utilizes the spritz tool as an integration to speed your reading. As another speed reading app where you can upload your PDFs and text files, you can also paste text in the text field or enter URL.

    You can use the drop-down menu to customize the rate of WPN, you will find it below the spritz tool. To access the editor tool use the menu, which is on the top of the screen. With this feature, you can see the entire text that you’re going to read.

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  4. Quick Reader

    QuickReaderMake your success journey step by step with QuickReader app. It has everything which a beginner needs, you download free books from a large library, this app has games to improve your reading speed you can increase and decrease the WPM with few taps as per your choice from 10 to 6000 words per minute while doing the reading.

    You can choose from guided and unguided reading options. The best part is here you will get what you want, instead what they want to give you.

    You have to pay $4.99 to use this app.

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  5. Speed Reading

    Speed ReadingThe best thing about this app is this app allows you to read in RSVP mode on any other reading apps without paying a single penny. Speed reading app is designed with full compatibility with other android apps like the site, pocket, Feedly, colour note and google keep.

    The free version of this app offers you 4 speeds up to 750 WPM. And when you use the premium version of this app you can boost your reading speed up to 1250 WPM. The premium version of this app allows the reader to download their favourite txt files or ePub to the app, also you can share these files to your currently reading application easily.

    It is a free app, for the premium version you need to pay a monthly subscription

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  6. Reading Trainer

    Reading TrainerUsing sanitizer technology the app offers lots of features to its users. This app is specially designed for people with learning disabilities and beginners. Reading trainer app helps people to read faster while remembering the text. You can make multiple profiles, it means several people can use this app on devices. That is why it is a popular speed reading app.

    Moreover, this app utilizes fun games, exercises, solid theory and quizzes which improve your pace along with improving your retention. I think this app is ideal for beginners, parents, teachers, students and people with learning disabilities.

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  7. Speed Reading

    Speed Reading brain developmentThis app is available on Android devices and helps the users to develop their reading speed independently by their efforts.

    Today this app stands in most popular speed reading apps with its 1,000,000 installs. If you are looking to make your mind sharp, think differently, think creatively, solve problems effectively and want to make yourself successful and energetic then this app is out there.

    Reviews of this app are also impressing, users experience a change in their reading speed in just 2 weeks.

    You will get three different sections in this app, reading, training and motivators. Moreover, you can read books from the library in fb2, txt, ePub, formats etc.

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  8. Outread

    OutreadAre you a fan of newsreader applications like a packet, Instapaper or a pinboard? If you’re, then you must give a try to tread the app. You can download it only on iOS devices, this app syncs with many services that help you to fix your news efficiently and quickly.

    You can read one word at a time of any book or document. You can highlight all the words. This app offers you day time and night time themes with an easy and simple interface to give matching reading conditions as per your environment.

    Additionally, outread allows you to upload Microsoft Word documents, you can add your eBooks, copy and paste URLs to any web pages. Even there is an inbuilt library so you can enjoy classic novels in this app.

    This app is free to use and download. You can unlock outread plus features by paying a subscription of $19.99.

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  9. Accelerator

    AcceleratorThis app is the same as the outread app, it is also available only for iOS devices. This speed reading app offers a clean interface to users. Similar to outread app this app also has a newsreader integration feature with popular news reading apps like Pocket and Instapaper. To match your reading condition there are three different themes. You can save articles easily to speed read later.

    Unlike outread here you can’t upload your documents or ebooks. But still, this app is useful to read word documents, rich text and read the text through your email app. You can save articles within the app by browsing them on the web.

    Transfer your articles by using AirDrop, use Safari to save web pages and let people know about your speed reading success.

    This is not a free app, you have to pay $2.99. There are no in-app purchase or upgrading options.

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  10. Wear Reader

    Wear ReaderRead anywhere and anytime with a reader, if you are on the bus, train or even if you are walking somewhere you don’t need to grab a book from the bag to start reading. This app allows you to speed read any book from your wrist without any trouble. What you need to do is just upload any book of your choice to your iPhone, connect it with your apple watch and that’s it.

    Here you will get two reading modes, that is speed reading and another one us traditional. To help you in quick reading the speed reading mode flashes the content rapidly one after one on your screen. With this way, this app suppresses your inner vocalization. T this app has a distinctive feature which allows you to go back to your last spot where you leave reading. For this, it has rewind and fast forward buttons so that you can adjust your spot. You can also pause the streaming to take a break and then resume again.

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