Top 10 Best TikTok Alternative Apps For Android And iOS


From the past few years, TikTok has taken the world by storm, its popularity is increasing day by day. Due to some political disturbance, this app is banned in some countries like India. If you still need tiktok then you can use tiktok alternative apps for your android or iOS device.

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As there are millions of users of TikTok, this is the time when there is scope for another video making app. There are apps available in the market providing a platform to people to show their talent. Thus here in this article, I have written 10 most popular alternatives of TikTok. You can use these apps on your android or iOS device to create videos with a plethora of features and make your social media presence.

So without wasting your time anymore let’s jump into the first app for making amazing videos.

best TikTok Alternative Apps

Top 10 Best TikTok Alternative Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Dubsmash

    DubsmashAs of today, many developers are trying to replicate TikTok. However, this app is not new in this field. Dubsmash was once a very famous tikitok alternative apps in the year 2015, before the introduction of TikTok. After the TikTok banned it regained its popularity from the video creators. It has features which make you addicted to it, you can also share your created videos to the world as TikTok.

    This is a new york-based app, allows you to create and upload your videos to the world and offers you a wide collection of the soundtrack to choose for syncing. Like the TikTok app, this app also has scrolling on the front page, thus you can scroll up and down to watch the most popular and trending content. With the explore tab you can discover a ton of topics and genres,

    from animals to funny videos. So record and upload your video now!

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  2. Instagram Reels

    InstagramEvery social media addict knows what Instagram is, I love this app because of its design and user interface. It’s a hallmark of sharing pictures with the world. The facebook-owned company, now making it possible for users to make videos like TikTok. They have recently launched an Instagram reels feature which lets you record videos of 15 seconds, you can make your video more interesting by using creative tools and effects and increase the number of followers.

    My favourite Instagram feature is here where I can browse effects from thousands of options. Also with Instagram, I don’t need to download other apps for making videos and also I don’t need to wait to grind my old followers again. If you want to share your videos with everyone you can switch your account into public so that you can make more exposure.

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  3. Lomotif

    LomotifInitially, this app provides service to iOS users only. But with the increasing demand for video-making apps the developer available it for android users. It gives you similar functions of TikTok, there are tools like slow motion, trim, zoom in or out and many more. To enhance your video there are background music and AR effects. To make it more desirable for users there are a plethora of stickers, emojis and beauty filters.

    Moreover, Here you can make new friends and gain a fan base by showcasing your talent. As like TikTok you can make duets with other users.

    In the new year and anniversary of lomotif, you can gain more followers by creating a video on these occasions. To increase your social media presence with motifs today.

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  4. Kindda

    KinddaAnother best alternative of TikTok, Kindda also has a wide fan base because of its video editing features like peppy filters, background score and tools to engage more people on your profile.

    A distinctive feature of byte is, here you can enjoy your blogging passion as well. More than comedy, dancing and signing you can make people aware of your skills of writing. The best part of this app is it motivates you by offering rewards when your post gets viral or you earn a certain number of followers. Not enough yet! If you don’t want to Participate in making videos you can still earn rewards.

    Want to test your talents? You are Most welcome here because there is a battle option so you can challenge other users to test your talent. When you download it doesn’t forget to give a try to a dance-off.

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  5. Chingari

    ChingariAfter India bans TikTok some people are upset. But day after day there are new apps launched for giving the same experience of TikTok. For Indian people chingari is made, it is also known as Indian TikTok. It was launched in 2018 but very few people knew its presence. But the “TikTok banned” moment gives it a chance to gain users.

    You can easily use it as tinder alternative app, where you have just upload your video when it will gain certain attraction or views you will automatically get paid by the app. Of course, it will take time but keep trying and make a unique content so that it will get noticed. Since it doesn’t have so many features and popularity it is not as famous as other alternatives. But it is still trying to add new features and compete with others.

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  6. LIKE

    LikeeLike is also a famous app for making videos. It has gained popularity slowly but after TikTok banned there is a sudden growth in its users. This app allows you to lip-sync dialogues and music, you can make short and funny videos with this app.

    If you want to make a long clip you can stitch 2 or more videos and create a long one. Amass more followers by making your videos more appealing by using filters and stickers. Give a personal touch to your videos by adding effects like speed or slow motion. A downside of this app is it doesn’t allow new users to go live. You can ignore this minor disturbance. Other than this there is nothing bad about this app.

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  7. InShot

    InShotIf you are searching for ease and comfort in making videos then this one’s for you. Here you can make HD pro and premier videos with adding music.

    It has tools to cut, trim, coil and split your videos just like other video editing apps like TikTok, WeVideo etc. Use amazing video filters and effects to insert free music in your videos and merge several clips.

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  8. KWAI

    KwaiIn Japanese, the term KWAI means adorable or cute. As like its name this social media app is adorable. Through this app, you can create cute, short videos. Make lip-syncing to your favourite dialogues and movie songs can find most popular videos in the genres of funny videos, beauty blogging, prank videos and magic illusion.

    The more followers you gain the more rewards you can earn. To engage more users this app offers frequent fun contests and challenges. Follow this pen pal app and be up to date with the latest trends.

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  9. Triller

    TrillerOne more app that is getting a fan base after the TikTok debacle. In the last few weeks, it had attracted more than 20 times more users compared to the past. Entirely it has 250 million users globally. As thriller offers the same video editing experience, now it allows the users to live streaming with its recent halogen app.

    There are celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rita ora and Kevin hart use a triller app to upload their posts on famous social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Just showcase your talent and you will be on the top. Simple design and user-friendly interface is the reason why it is popular in the social media community.

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  10. Funimate

    FunimateEnding my list with this another superb tiktok alternative apps. It’s a short video making app, especially to make funny videos. Here you can showcase your cooking, comedy, singing, dancing, art, beauty and another talent. Make a 15-second video with this app and make your unique presence. We can say that it’s a revamped Snapchat app but offers you more features as compared to Snapchat. To make your video catchy you can use animated stickers and lovely effects.

    More than these features it offers a real-time camera which makes your face more attractive, it allows you to make your skin smooth with just one click. You can remove blemishes and change your skin tone with this feature.

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So these are the top 10 apps you can use as a TikTok alternative on your android or iOS device. I hope this article helps you to get the best video editing app for you.


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