Best 10 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS


Toddler apps for android and iOS are astounding apps for kids and parents. As you can utilize the best time with the entertaining apps. Also, it includes different types of activities and games that develop the kid’s mind and can increase the various skills that will help them to grow with a thoughtful mind.

As parents can also control the apps so that their kids cannot watch or do inappropriate things that will be dangerous for them in the future. Every day kids learn new things such as counting, alphabets, can do drawing or painting. Learn about different colors and recognize the name of objects.

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Although all apps are so useful that would entertain the kids all the time anywhere. Also, you can play some of the apps offline as well. However, you can download any of the apps and can access all its features freely.

Toddler Apps

Best 10 Toddler Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Khan Academy Kids

    Khan Academy Kids

    Khan academy is the best toddler apps for kids where they can learn every day something new about how you can learn different things through education. It includes various subjects such as maths, phonics, and development.

    As it has different activities such as reading books, lessons, watching educational videos, or doing yoga that make the kids more entertaining and enjoyable. It is a perfectly free app and it does not require any ads or subscriptions.

    Like every day they come up with new thoughts and activities that make the kid’s mind fresh and can increase the ability to learn new things.

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  2. Balloon Pop

    Balloon Pop : Toddler Games for preschool kids

    Balloon pop is a wonderful toddler app for both boys and girls as every day you get a chance to learn new things such as the alphabet, countings, shapes, and many more. Although you can play distinct educational games so that you can entertain yourself and learn new things.

    As it is an offline app you can access it anytime, anywhere. In this app, all items are in the balloon shape and you have to search what is this object belongs to. Its animation of the game is to attract you to get into so deep and enjoy your time.

    Although parents can also access the app for their kid’s security. However, every day your kid learns new things and enjoys their time while they doing studying or doing new activities in the app.

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  3. Moose Math

    Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

    Moose math is a fantastic educational app, especially for learning maths. It includes different formulas that will be necessary to learn. Here you can learn new formulas every day such as addition, subtraction, multiply, and division.

    It is a basic of maths where every individual kid must have to learn for their further education. You can make smoothies and can practice counting and learn other maths formulas. You can play the bingo game to learn the counting. Also, you can learn the name of the shapes and their colors. This toddler app will develop the kid’s minds and increase their knowledge.

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  4. Fairy Tales

    Fairy Tales (Video) Free

    Fairy tale is the utmost beautiful apps for kids as they love to hear fairy tales stories before they go to sleep. It is a free toddler app that you can download easily on your phone.

    As you get to know about the animal’s names and different fairy tales characters. Using this app you can make them your friends and become a part of the fairy world. You can also watch animated videos on fairy tales in both online as well as offline modes.

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  5. Learn First Words

    Learn First Words - Baby Flashcards

    Learn first words is one of the amazing apps for kids or toddlers where they can start to learn how to speak the first letters or words. As here kids can learn the words through the audio or sound it plays while you start the app.

    By this, the kid could able to understand the pronunciation of the words and can learn new words every day.

    There is a flashcard method where the teachers get a new method to educate their kids. In this app, children will learn on their own with a help of flashcards. It will great opportunity for kids who have just entered preschool.

    It will cover all basic vocabulary and it includes many words so that every day they learn something. However, it is very simple to use and you can choose the category which you want to choose to learn and can understand better.

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  6. 123 Numbers

    Learn Numbers 123 Kids Game - Count & Tracing 123

    123 Numbers kids game is one of the kind toddler apps for the kids. As here it would be only formed because of children for learning to count. You can able to trace, make drawings, or can learn to count. In this educational app, you can trace the color shapes and can learn how to count.

    By counting the objects, the kids will also get to know about the shape’s name. It includes flashcards to learn new things in another good way. Also, it contains another activity that is handwriting that makes the kids better in writing and learning. However, it is a free app and you can use the app at your convenience.

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  7. Music Piano Kids

    Music Piano Kids: Baby Games

    Music piano kids is another learning app for both kids and parents where they can learn to play piano along with songs. You can search for different music, sounds, and pattern to play the piano. Just by using your fingers, you can play the different instruments available such as the drum kit, xylophone. It is a music composer app for kids and toddlers to enjoy their free time.

    Is it not good for learning the music as here you can make your mind sharpen than earlier? A whole family can also learn together and sing a song by using the piano. Although it will increase the mind creativity and another type of development that will be fruitful for the children. However, it is free and contains different modes. Start playing the piano by using different modes.

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  8. Colors & Shapes

    Learn shapes and color games

    Learn shapes and color game is a fantastic app where you have to recognize the various objects with their colors. As you can assist your children to understand the things that are given in the app. By identifying the objects with the colors they will increase the skills of recognizing the distinct objects.

    As kids love to play color games so in this app they can paint the objects with their favorite colors and then easily identify them. Kids will also like to play matching the colors or collect the objects with the same colors. Although you can make the building by collecting the pieces and doing the tracing of different objects.

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  9. YouTube Kids

    YouTube Kids

    Youtube kids is a famous app that is specially made for kids and their entertainment source. As here you can watch various family videos that contain different topics or lessons. Also, the parents can control the app so that you can make the way of the kids easier and kids can easily recognize the things. You can also use it as speed reading apps to listen to lessons at indifferent voice speed.

    As parents can set the time limit for the kids to watch videos. You can also keep an eye on your kids what they watch or if they get some benefit from them or not. Although if some videos you do not like you can block them easily. It will also alert if there is any unsuitable content is available.

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  10. Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

    Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

    Nursery rhymes and kids’ songs are astonishing apps mainly for kids as they like to listen to their favorite rhymes or poems in beautiful sounds. It includes pigment flashcards where the kid can use for their entertainment and enjoy their time happily. You can also use it as songwriting apps to write your own poem and play the rhymes offline.

    It would be easy for the children to operate the app. Although kids who are too small can improvise their English through listening to English rhymes every day. The app is free to download and can watch pictures in HD while playing the rhymes. All types of songs and rhymes are available you can play any rhyme you like to play and learn it.

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