Top 10 Video Presentation Apps For Android & iOS


Video Presentation apps have become very popular. This is because they allow everyone, by associating videos, playing on the effects, and sharing with their friends on social networks, to pass for a professional video editor. But with so many choices, it becomes difficult to know which is the best app.

Don’t worry we are here to rescue you with a list of Top 10 video presentation apps for Android & iOS.

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Video presentation is becoming popular in recent years since the demand of online education. Video presentation is a way which allows you to present your content in beautiful manner. Using this feature you will be able to animate your digital content. If you have a smartphone then you can use a best video presentation apps on your smartphone. This app help you to make video presentation and create perfect video content using your photos and videos.


Video Presentation App

Top 10 Video Presentation Apps For Android & iOS


Zoho ShowThe app was developed by Zoho Corporation and has a 4.4/5 stars rating on Play Store with 500,000+ downloads. The app lets you create, edit, collaborate and present your slides. It has a large library of templates and professional slides to improve the overall look of the presentation. The app also supports ppt files thus it is platform-independent and lets its users sync their files on the cloud.

Some other features included in the app are cast option, present using your smartphone as remote, etc. Plus the also let you share and collaborate with your colleagues so that you can distribute and brainstorm together. Use the below-provided link to download the app


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Presentation Creator

Presentation CreatorThe app was developed by Desygner Pty Ltd and has a 4.3/5 stars rating on Play Store with 1,000,000+ downloads. As the name suggests this app helps you to create presentations easily. The app contains templates of all types no matter whether you are working on a business report, sales proposal, pitch deck, or university project, you name it and Presentation Creator will have something for you.

This video presentation app also comes packed with Desygner functionality which is recommended by multiple magazines like Forbes, Product Hunt, etc. The app also contains multiple free images and icon packs for your slides. Plus the app lets you share your creations with your friends or colleagues in multiple formats like PDF, PPTX, etc, that too without any watermarks. So don’t waste any more time, use the below link to download the app.



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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPointThe app was developed by Microsoft Corporation and has a 4.3/5 stars rating on the Play store with 1,000,000,000+ downloads. This app doesn’t need any introduction, the majority of the population on this planet must have heard or used the windows version of this app. Like the Windows version of Microsoft Powerpoint, the app also provides you similar features in your smartphone.

You can quickly create, edit, view, or present your presentations using just your smartphone. The app really lets you take your office along with you, with the features like cloud sync and sharing capabilities one can easily access their presentation in no time and wherever needed. The only downside of this app is that most of the features are paid and one needs to buy a subscription to access it. Use the below link to download the app today.



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Google Slides

Google SlidesThe app was developed by Google LLC and has a 4.2/5 stars rating on Play Store with 500,000,000+ downloads. As with other applications developed by Google, this app also does what it is made for and does it very well. Google Slides let its user create edit their slides on the go with or without the internet. One can rearrange, change the format of the text, and add images or shapes in their slides without any technical experience as the user interface of the app is simple and easy to use.

The app also allows you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues and edit the slides simultaneously. Plus one can add and responds to comments to give or take any suggestions. We have provided the links to download the app no matter whether you are an Android or IOS user.



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KomodoThe app was developed by Touch App Media and has a 3.0/5 stars rating on Play Store with 10000+ downloads. Unlike before mentioned app, Komodo helps you integrate videos with your presentations. One of the basic rules to create an attractive presentation is to use more images/videos and less text and this app help you to do the same. You just need to import the presentation in PDF format and then can add your own video narrations from your Smartphone to the PDF.

It has cloud integrations so you can easily import your files from all major cloud providers like Dropbox, Google Drives, OneDrive, etc. It also gives you the option to share the videos privately by creating a link or post them on social media. Don’t waste any more time use the links provided below and download the app ASAP.



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MoShowThe app was developed by Picadelic and has a 4.4/5 rating on Play Store with 1,000,000+ downloads. By using this app you can convert your dull & boring photos and videos into stylish and attractive slide shows and share them on various social media platforms. It has a huge library of video effects and templates to choose from and helps you to create stunning slideshows. You ca simply choose photos from your gallery or click new photos using 3d camera apps.

The app has some additional features which one can add to their slideshows like perfect loops, mixed transitions, blended text, and cinematic glitch & effects. It is perfect for friends, family, pet owners, athletes, social media influencers, or businesses. Download the app now with the links provided below and create attractive slideshows.



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ClickerThe app was developed by Viktor Kifer and has a 4.3/5 stars rating on Play Store with 100,000+ downloads. This app turns your smart device into a remote controller from which you can control your presentation. The app supports most of the popular operating systems and presentation software and the setup of the app is also very easy and friendly. It automatically finds the available devices in the local Wifi network and connects to it manually.

The developers have made sure to optimize the app such that there is a negligible lag between the clicks and its reaction. It really replaces the costly presentation pointers available in the market and lets you play videos, point at important data, control device volumes, and change slides from your mobile itself. Hurry download the app now from the links provided below.



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Powtoon Connect

Powtoon ConnectThe app was developed by Powtoon limited and 2.1/5 stars rating on Play Store with 1,000,000+ downloads. This app helps you to put voice-over on your videos and share it in your presentation all from your mobile. It helps the user to upload images or videos directly from their mobile and then let them record the voiceover and apply it to the uploaded videos.

Plus the app also allows them to share it with other users or social media. This app is a game-changer as anyone no matter a noob or a pro can add voiceover to their videos using this app. The only downside is that the app user interface is a bit clunky and hard to navigate other than that it flawless so don’t wait anymore and download the app by clicking on the below button.



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TextroThe app for developed by Iris Studios and Services and has a 4.7/5 stars rating on Play Store with 1,000,000+ downloads. The uniqueness of this student app is that its users can create simple elegant text videos for their presentations. It has multiple features like different text animation styles, many color combinations, and fonts, a massive music library.

The app contains many templates for the background of the video and also lets the users upload their customs banners. It perfect for social media influencers, business presentations, social media posts, or motivational videos. Download this app from the links provided below and punch to your dull text quotes.



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MagistoThe app was created by Vimeo and has a 4.1/5 stars rating on Play Store with 50,000,000+ downloads. Magisto is mainly a video editor that lets you edits your videos on your mobile. It sounds simple but it isn’t multiple developers have tried to develop a video editor for the mobile but have failed miserably. The app has been awarded multiple awards for the best video editor in the marketplace.

The app lets you customize your videos by adding text, orient them and change colors. The only downside to this video presentation apps is that the free version adds watermarks to the final rendered video thus one needs to buy a premium subscription to remove it. If you can afford one use the below link to download the app now and improve your presentations.


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