Best 10 Weed Apps For Android And iOS


Weed apps for android and iOS are some of the amazing apps where you will be able to know the information of cannabis about its products. It will also guide you on how can you use the products. You could able to explore your nearby retailers to buy and access its varieties of products.

Personal speaking I accessed most of the apps and my experience is super cool. I can able to find the products easily. As also I could able to trace my all information while I taking the special classes for the same. Also, I could able to get a notification at what time I have to give watering the plants.

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However, you could also access any of the apps and could able to access its features. Most of the apps are free and they would guide you properly. You can also connect with people who are also a lover of cannabis.

best Weed Apps

Weed Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Grow with Jane

    Grow with Jane - Cannabis plants growing partner

    Grown with jane is the best app where you can learn the tips to grow to play mechanical or with regular seeds. It will remind and guide how you could able to grow your seeds, and after how much time you have to give water to the plants. You can trace the activities of the plants you will do in a day.

    Although you can turn on the notifications of the things you will do for your plants, as you have to take care of plants on the regular basis. You can make plants, environment, and you can trace all your issues and activities regarding seed to harvest.

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  2. Leafly

    Leafly: Find Cannabis and CBD

    Leafly is one of the amazing apps where you can able to personalize your weeds and could able to take different experiences. You can able to explore the distinct weeds and their products that will be used to produce a plant.

    As you can discover the area where you can easily get all availabilities of the products. You have to maintain the speed of the things for weeds as well as the update of the leaf and its culture. Must watch the various session that will give your proper information about the weeds.


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  3. Kush Scan

    Kush Scan - recognize weed cannabis pot the online

    Kush scan is another fantastic apps as here you can able to scan the cannabis and then it will tell you what you smoke and its strains. As you can able to read different information further about marijuana. Also, it will find and can able to scan the different kinds of marijuana.

    Although the app is perfectly based on new modern technology and you can able to find all the features new and unique. As it will easily identify the texture and colors of marijuana.

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  4. Cannabis Chat

    Cannabis Chat - Weed Community

    Cannabis chat is generally for those who love cannabis a lot and it will allow you to do chat with strangers and can able to connect with people and invite many people as much you want. You can able to share your views and information about that. You can explore the things of cannabis such as its strains, consumption, its laws, and regulation.

    Although you can discover the people or medical centers that have been near about you. However, you can join various groups with certain members if you want to increase the growth of your business. As it is both public and private and you can easily control the app at your convenience.

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  5. PotBot


    Potbot is the simplest app for patients of marijuana and they don’t know about the specific information regarding this problem. You can search for the medical center that will do the treatments of this type of disease. You will be able to start your customize treatment as it will do the treatment according to the patient health. It will also give medicine after seeing the condition of the patient suffered from.

    It would ensure that it will not give you some bad treatment that will disinfect or react to your body. Although you can save up your money by using this money management app as it will give you the best recommendation. However, it will also save your time as it doesn’t take so much time to find the actual problem. As it will recommend you immediately.

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  6. releaf marijuana tracking

    releaf marijuana tracking

    Releaf marijuana tracking is great weed apps where you will be able to trace and could able to improvise the access of cannabis products and its others varieties. You can also add your experience and could share the side effects of the products if you face them while you are in the process of using them.

    Although share your cannabis reports with your friends and family. You could able to reserve your consultation for getting better advice for using cannabis. Although make the notes and could store the information while you are attending the session.

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  7. Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

    Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm

    Wiz Khalifa is one of the greatest weed apps where you get to learn about how you can grow specific plants and how you can able to cultivate the weed. Along with these you will also get to know about the information regarding growing plants and herbs.

    Just tap any of the plants and then you can able to get to know about the quality of the weeds.

    You can also invest money so that you can able to earn profits at the time of this operation. With different led lights you can able to improve the harvesting quality of your weeds. Although do your level up so that you can able to use its best features.

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  8. Green camp

    Green camp - Grow Your Cannabis Knowledge

    Green camp is one of the knowledgeable apps where you can able to get updated news about cannabis. You can able to use this app for free and it will guide various trends and cultures.

    It also includes some articles and you can easily share them with your friends and could able to comment on them. As all the cannabis content publish in an actual time. However, all the features will be updated from time to time.

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  9. Grounded Quit Weed Tracker

    Grounded Quit Weed Tracker – Stop Smoking Cannabis

    Are you exploring an app where you can able to finish your smoking habit and get rid of the weed? So grounded quit weed tracker is one of the finest apps as it will help you to get rid of your smoking bad habit. You will absolutely reply on this app and you can able to set the trackers for your quitting smoking days. It can also be used as alcohol unit calculator app where you will also count alcohol percentage in your body.

    As you will count them and it would give you motivation. And after that, you will be able to calculate the money you save while you are not spending on your weed. Although you get various rewards for quitting the smoke for such a long time.

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  10. Vana

    Vana | Discover Marijuana, Cannabis & CBD

    Vana is another fabulous apps as here you can explore and also learn various things such as about marijuana, weeds. You can easily trust these apps and can able to look for retailers if you need any products. As you can explore the different brands in or outside the city. It will also deliver cannabis and other edibles.

    It will update you for the new product liberate for the specific brand. Although you can also look for various discounts and offers. After that, you can able to discover the retailer whom you can trust and it will deliver the right products to you. However, you will learn many things about the cannabis culture, its laws, and medical usage.

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