Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS


The best way to create engaging online visual content is by using whiteboard animation videos. To create amazing whiteboard animation videos, you will need good whiteboard animation software. Lots of DIY whiteboard animation software has been popping up in recent years. Some are good, some are terrible, and some are just confusing. So before you jump into the chaos of this software, you need to understand the basics. If you are smartphone user then you must have perfect whiteboard animation apps to create animation videos for free.

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These animation videos can be used for multiple reasons like to teach students a lesson, to teach customers how to operate certain devices or software, to pitch an idea, or even to present a business proposal. Some of us have been led to believe that creating a whiteboard animation video is expensive and requires exceptional talents, but this is not at all true, there are multiple apps available in the market which let you create stunning animations that too without breaking the bank. In this article, we have listed the top 10 whiteboard animation applications that are available on both Android & iOS.

Whiteboard Animation App

Top 10 Whiteboard Animation Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Explain Everything Whiteboard

    Explain Everything WhiteboardExplain Everything Whiteboard is one of the most versatile whiteboard app available in both markets place. The app lets you teach, present, record videos and collaborates with others. It is a part of Google’s creativity apps collection and is pre-installed in every Chromebook. Some of its features are import/export files from/to Google drives and Dropbox, contains in-app chat features, and let you share private link or code to yours, students or colleagues, to join. The app not only lets you create sketches on the app but also lets you bring in local videos and images and also lets you share your projects in various file formats with the viewers. Most of the features are paid and you need to subscribe to access them.

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  2. LiveBoard

    LiveBoardAs the name suggests the app gives a live board on which you can draw and help your students to better visualize your teaching. The app is best for teachers as this student app allows them to invite their students and parents to join the class and learn with them. It also lets you create separate groups for each subject so that you can keep the material separate and organized. Plus you can record the sessions and share them with your students for revision or use this feature to create tutorials. The app comes with a 14-day trial period after which the service is paid.

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  3. Jamboard

    JamboardJamboard was developed by none other than Google LLC. It is G suite’s digital whiteboard and offers one of the best collaborative experiences in the market. You can create Jams on your mobile and share them with your colleagues for collaboration. The app lets you draw with various types of pens and has a huge palette of colors to choose from. It has other features like you can add sticky notes to your jam, insert photos and stickers, and highlight objects with pointers. As it’s a product of Google it has integration with Google Drive and allows you to import files from it.

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  4. Animation Desk

    Animation DeskAnimation Desk allows its users to create frame animations. It’s a very popular app and had been awarded by yahoo Tech, TechCrunch, and The app is not only preferred by animators but is also a fantastic tool for educators who want to add a fun element to their teaching. Some of the tools available in the app are Brushes, erasers, onion skin, selection tools, canvas rotation, etc. It also lets you export the file’s frame by frame in image format or video formats as well as in PDF and GIF format. Leaving basic tools apart to access other features one needs to subscribe to the service.

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  5. Teachmint

    TeachmintTeachmint is a complete classroom and has all the features that a tutor needs to efficiently teach his/her students. It was developed by Teachmint Technologies an Indian company. Some of the features of the app are Live Online classes, lecture recordings, whiteboards, online tests, chats, announcements, etc. The app user interface is very simple and can be used by elderly teachers who are not familiar with the technology. The app is free and their no ads to hinder your teaching.

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  6. Whiteboard

    WhiteboardAs the name suggests the Whiteboard app simply provides you with a whiteboard to illustrate your thoughts over it. You can also scratch, doodle, sketch, or even as a notebook to write down important notes using this app. Rather than a dull white background, the app lets you choose from the provided theme or upload an image as a background and draw over it. You can also use 3D camera apps to click new photos in 3d view. Other Features include Zoom-in, zoom-out, multiple pen and brush types along with a wide variety of ink colors to choose from. You can also save the finished painting in HD format and share it on social media.

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  7. Recolor

    RecolorRecolor is a digital coloring book for all age groups. It perfect for your inner artist who loves to paint. Painting is considered one of the best ways to relieve stress and this app lets you do the same wherever and whenever you want. The app contains 5000 unique coloring pages with designs on mandalas, flowers, dogs, etc created by their experts. It also lets you create your masterpiece and share it with one of the largest coloring communities on the platform. The app also contains multiple effects, filters, and outlines that let you finalize your art piece. The basic features of the app are free while to access more advance features one needs to subscribe to the service.

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  8. FlipaClip

    FlipaClipFlipaClip is a perfect app for animators no matter whether they are completely noob or pro. It let you create frame-by-frame animations that too very easily. In this whiteboard animation apps you will also get multiple art drawing tools like brushes lasso, eraser ruler, etc, and also supports stylus like Samsung S Pen. It also contains multiple video and audio tools like onion skin tools, frames viewer, audio editor, etc. One can create and save the animations in multiple formats and can also upload the same on Youtube using this app. The animation app allows you to create animations up to 3 layers for free after which you need to buy the pro version for further animation.

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  9. Miro

    MiroMiro is an online collaborative tool developed by RealTime Board for the team working remotely. It allows them to conduct online meetings and brainstorm new ideas on a canvas. It let the members edit, annotate, take digital notes, collect resources and save them as PDFs. This not only saves the environment but also lets them organize these resources more efficiently. Using this whiteboard animation app you can also scan paper notes and convert them into editable digital notes and allow them to be shared with the team. Use the below link to download the app now.

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  10. Microsoft Whiteboard

    Microsoft WhiteboardMicrosoft the tech giant is back with a fantastic application. With the successful launch of MS Office apps, the company launched its whiteboard app recently. It’s a preview/beta application and supports only work and school accounts but the company has assured soon they will launch it for personal accounts as well once they rectify all the bugs. It’s a perfect collaborative tool which let its users work simultaneously and brainstorm their idea in real-time. This video presentation app also has automatic save features so that you don’t lose your precious progress and can continue from where you have left.

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