Top 12 Wrestling Game Apps For Android & iOS


Wrestling is one of the most popular and most watched in 90’s. In that days WWE was one of the most popular wrestling games. If you also love wrestling, then you must have a perfect platform to play or stream it. If you are searching for best wresting game apps then you can simply visit this article. In this article our team are listing top 12 popular wrestling game apps for both android and iOS users. You can simply pick anyone from this according to your interest and start playing unlimited games for free.

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There are so many fans of Olympic wrestling, but sometimes it is not easy to get live stream on your device. In that case you must have to try a perfect wrestling app on your smartphone. Playing wrestling game is more fun than watching wrestling on your smartphone. If you want to play this game on your smartphone then you must have a perfect wrestling game app on your smartphone. Wrestling game apps will help you easily start playing wrestling games on your smartphone. Here you will get best wrestling game apps for android and iOS device. These apps are available with lots of different features to use on your device.

Wrestling Game Apps

Top 12 Wrestling Game Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Wrestling Revolution 3D

    Wrestling Revolution 3DIt is one of the most popular wrestling games available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store where you will be running a wrestling show and have to deliver entertaining matches every week to increase your rating and this will increase the number of audience which will make your show number one among the others. The game is very interesting and it supports up to 20 wrestlers at the same time in a match. You can change the player even in the middle of the match. It includes almost all the popular wrestlers from different brands at the present time and as you make more profit you can hire wrestlers from other brands.

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  2. WWE Mayhem

    WWE MayhemWWE Mayhem is an amazing wrestling game with attractive actions and moves. You can play as any of your favourite wrestler such as John Cena or Triple H. You will have to compete on the road to Wrestlamania and win championships. The wrestling matches will really be epic and each of these wrestlers will be delivering their signature movies and finishers. You can use it as two player game apps to start play game with your friends around the world.

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  3. 80s Mania Wrestling Return‪s

    In this game you need to rule the WWE Universe by building your own brand of WWE superstars and competing in the matches. It contains the voices, chants and moves of the superstars along with their theme songs. It has an amazing artificial intelligence app option where you can play as the wrestler you want to and challenge other players in Player versus Player (PvP) modes. Your will require to train the wrestlers and make them ready for the big leagues.

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  4. WWE Champions

    WWE Champions 2020This game has a wide collection of more than 200 wrestlers of both modern times such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler and those from the old days such as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. You are required to make use of your skills and earn points by winning matches which will enable you to customize your moves along with upgrading your skills. It can also be use as no WiFi game so you can start play game without internet connection.You will be able to use the signature moves of the wrestlers and you can also participate in PvP matches.

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  5. Real Wrestling 3D

    Real Wrestling 3DIt is yet another amazing wrestling game apps with involves wonderful techniques of grappling. You are required to step inside the ring and experience the life of a wrestler. The 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls will make the game even your realistic. You will enjoy the unique combat experience and the sound effects make the game even more stunning. It is a perfect brain game apps where you have to train your player with perfect wrestling technique.

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  6. WWE Super Card

    WWE Super CardIt is a card battling fame which features all of your favourite wrestlers along with excellent wrestling actions by the professionals. Your task will be to collect cards along with increasing their level. You can play this game in different modes such as PvP and teams with players from different parts of the world. It contains latest pay-per-views and also features shows like Raw and Smackdown.

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  7. Modern Mania Wrestling

    Modern Mania WrestlingIt is a wrestling manager game which contains hundreds and hundreds of attractive characters from the wrestling universe and each of these characters look extremely original. You are required to run the wrestling shows with the wrestlers that you have collected and also organize a super card each month to settle the feuds among the wrestlers. It can also be used as perfect party game apps to play game with your friends.

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    TOPPS WWE SLAMIn this game you will be experiencing a platform where you will collect your favourite WWE wrestlers and also trade them. You will enjoy amazing WWE events during the entire year and you are required to complete the missions in order to unlock exciting contents. This game has got many other features such as daily rewards of WWE cards pack, special FX, video and motion cards, etc.

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  9. The Muscle Hustle

    The Muscle HustleThis game will take your experience of playing a wrestling game to the next level. Your task will be to collect the wrestlers and train them. You have to upgrade the wrestlers eventually and then take part in single player campaigns. You can also play in the PvP mode. The controls of couple game app are extremely simple and this is what makes the game even more interesting. The story mode has got more than a hundred level.

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  10. Rowdy Wrestling

    Rowdy WrestlingRowdy Wrestling will give you a whole new experience of playing wrestling games by taking you to the chaotic world of wrestling. It includes amazing actions and special moves such as dropkicks and overhead smashes. You will also get equipment such as steel chairs with which you can destroy your opponent. You can either find for the championship by a solo career or even wrestle as teams.

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  11. MMA Ultimate Fighting

    MMA Ultimate FightingThis game is really awesome which has got a collection of about 50 wrestlers from all around the globe and you need to choose any one of them before stepping into the cage. In this fun app you are required to defeat your opponents by using different moves such as punching and kicking. You can also block their attacks to protect yourself. It has got super kicks too. Using all these features you need to take down your opponents. There are many missions in this game and it also features tournaments, quick fights and multiplayer.

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  12. Wrestling Revolution

    Wrestling RevolutionThis is a superb 2D wrestling game which is much popular among the wrestling lovers. It contains different wrestlers from all the popular promotions such as WWE, AEW, Japan Pro Wrestling and many others. You can choose of these wrestlers and play a single career. You can also act as the manager of a particular brand and create matches for weekly shows and pay-per-views. Your task will be to increase the ratings of your brand and earn more profit. You can hire wrestlers from other promotions too. You can train your wrestlers and upgrade their skills.

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So, these are some of the best wrestling game apps available for both Android and iOS device users.


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